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Posted by limmacslim | Mar 19, 2014 @ 01:20 PM | 6,028 Views
UPDATE: The frame is now built out of 10mmx12mm timber & weighs around 30g, I also changed the FC to an arduino pro mini with gy521 breakout board, the motors are still at 1900kv but with a delta termination this time so the copper is really packed in there . This is how it turned out in the end but I don't have any recent video of it, one of the motors was loose in this (old) video so it was not flying right at the time.
I do like this setup, nothing is overly stressed out & it gets a decent flight time. In static tests each motor was drawing around 6A from the 10A esc's, im guessing its a bit lower in the air. The lipo's always come down quite cool & have had plenty of use with no puffing etc.

My little Multiwii acro quadcopter (3 min 12 sec)

These are my first proper steps into the world of multiwii.
It took a while to loose the vibrations & get the board setup right, it still needs some fine tuning but I think I will build another lighter frame using either thinner wood or maybe carbon rods. This frame is a little heavy but crashes well .
Its been feeling a bit gutless recently & may be due to a motor mount not being totally straight anymore.

Poor mans wooden X frame, 15mmx18mm timber from b&q. Lots of glue & tie straps along with some v949 led's.
Multiwii (2.3) crius lite v1.0 board (from hobbyking)
M1822 motors currently at 1900kv
H-KING 10a ESC's flashed with Blheli
5030 HK props
1000mah-1300mah 3s lipos
Frsky radio gear.

My first multiwii quadcopter (4 min 19 sec)