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Posted by limmacslim | Jun 24, 2013 @ 05:38 PM | 7,151 Views
Here is a short vid of my latest little flying machine, a 92cm slick 540, I am still messing with the CG & radio settings so the flying is not too adventurous.
Its a bit of an upgrade from a shock flier & is very simple to build with only 4 parts to the fuselage, I do see it as very similar to a shockie just with some added good bits, i may add a couple of ribs to the fuselage to help keep its shape while gluing together, structurally its fine the way it is. Because of the simplicity its not really intended to be entirely scale looking, just slightly.
I have been flying a 250g 6mm depron shockie version of the same profile (with 3x 9g servos) & always wanted to upgrade it to a full fuselage with airfoil wing, my perceived issues were the added weight. The 3mm depron, 4x 5g servos & lack of tail wheel kept the weight down to 255g & once glued together it is structurally much stronger than a floppy sheet of 6mm depron. The fuselage design was borrowed from a "donut models elite pro" micro, the main wing has a NACA 23012 airfoil & flat 6mm depron stabilizers (I may try NACA 0015 or similar for the mk2 slick). It was designed in google sketchup & the profile was traced from the image in the slick 540 user manual.

A feature of this plane is its rewound 1300kv (13T) blue wonder motor which is only getting luke warm after some decent abuse, its drawing 11.5a on a 8x6 TGS slowfly prop & 450mah 3s 25c gensace lipo. It hangs on the prop at 40-45% throttle & has enough thrust to pull out of just about anything. All my worries of building a slouch have been quelled, it flies ridiculously slow & with the new motor feels more punchy than ever, the airfoil gave a noticeable increase in speed with my old tired stock motor & the rewound one does feel a bit quicker.

Upgraded RC Slick 540 (2 min 27 sec)