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Posted by limmacslim | May 25, 2013 @ 04:51 PM | 6,985 Views
Phase two has commenced & I have been trying to make the blue wonder go faster .
Its running at around 32-33A & didnt blow up , I had one running at 35A+ before but sympathy set in this time & I think rather than pushing it I should see how reliable (or not) it is running how it is.

I have 2x 1000mah 3S gensace lipos on now instead of one & could barely feel the difference in weight, the wing area & loading is excellent on the Eurofighter.

Eurofighter RC foamie with 32A "high kv" blue wonder (3 min 14 sec)

Posted by limmacslim | May 18, 2013 @ 01:20 PM | 8,159 Views
This concoction of foam, tape & wires flies! Its always nice when a maiden flight goes without a hitch. Seconds into the flight, the first prototype lost control quite high up then after not being able to recover crashed nose first into the ground in spectacular fashion. An elevon control horn came loose, with it being undersized & quickly hot glued on it was due to my negligence really (pic of depron destruction underneath).

After some late night cutting, gluing & with much stronger control horns it flew beautifully!
It pitches smoothly, has quite an extreme roll rate (needs expo) & rudder does not do anything too crazy (even though its right in the prop wash) but works well mixed with the other controls in a turn.
It is easily quicker than other similar pushers I have flown on this setup (BW 3000kv, TGS 4.5x4.5, 1000mah), also very manageable. Me & Pete built some beta planes to test & were chasing each other around doing full throttle passes 10ft or so above the grass. Its very smooth in high alpha, nicer than our last F22, SU35 & T50's. My high kv motor & small prop are not great for high alpha & Petes larger plane with 2212-06 2200kv motor & 6x4 prop seemed smoother. Pete also had the canards working with the elevator, it didnt appear to give any more pitch authority & only stabilize pitching even more.

Pete put his plane down & picked up the camera so this is me flying my blue wonder version. My initial CG estimate was quite nose heavy. This is the 4th lipo/flight & after some shifting of the battery its still a bit nose heavy, I want to go back a little more.

Eurofighter RC parkjet depron profile foamie (2 min 40 sec)

Posted by limmacslim | May 11, 2013 @ 11:44 AM | 8,289 Views
This is my profile Eurofighter (620mm wingspan) which has not flown yet, right now it has a 3000kv BW motor, TGS 4.5x4.5 prop & 1000mah 3S gensace lipo.

Im hoping this jet will be a bit more slippery, I flattened down the cockpit & nose slightly, the vertical stabilizer is also a tiny bit shorter. Im not entirely sure what to do about the canards, if the Maiden flight without them is good I may remove them. I do want to make them work at some point & explore the control side of things but right now I have some pretty obnoxious ideas for this plane, it involves more kv & less drag , I was in 2 minds to make up a underbody but decided to keep it simple for now.
This one is pretty much a prototype, I expect more load on the wings with a heavier/faster setup & will also use a carbon rod through the span of the main wing to stop them bending.
The lipo is well forward which I dont like, 2000mah will sit further back. I am glad I did not hang the motor/prop off the tail as I originally intended, would have ended up needing a lot of ballast.
Posted by limmacslim | May 11, 2013 @ 10:44 AM | 7,041 Views
Thought I would start keeping track of my fixed wing foamie projects, this way I have a record of their existence before the inevitable final meeting with the ground/tree/goal post, like this. (the slick did live on with a patched up tail)

Whoops (0 min 27 sec)

I am a fan of simple & quick profile builds, not just because of the obvious but I find I fly them in a much more carefree way, the lack of drag & weight also are big reasons.
Most of my aircraft are simple builds that I have drawn in sketchup. Im all for sharing the plans if anyone fancies building one, I just dont like cluttering the forums with half cooked beta designs. I prefer to get some flight time & confidence in them before someone else unwittingly builds something that has errors etc.