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Posted by Wirewolf903 | May 08, 2013 @ 10:57 AM | 19,121 Views
Update 03222014
In my line of work I get the chance to hear and respond to incidents where inexperienced, irresponsible, and untrained SmallUAS pilots cause incidents making my job of promoting public acceptance of these systems very very difficult. I read over and over in these forums of new pilots taking short cuts and not learning to fly these new systems like the DJI phantom. These systems are an amazing and wonderful technology that have and will continue to allow us to do and see great things but on the other hand are slowing killing a once safe and professional hobby. They have allowed lazy wannabe pilots to pick up a remote and fly without really knowing what the hell they are doing. No one is teaching them safe operations, pre/post flights checks, and maintenance. Just a few years ago you went to an AMA RC field and received training by instructors on safe RC piloting. These days are long gone...the airfield a sometime visit very seldom have multi-rotors. All the multi-rotors I see flying are downtown Austin during SXSW, crashing on people cars, houses, in the highways, nearly crashing into police helicopters (yes less then 10m), and falling into crowds. Most of these incidents don't make it to the media thank god, but several do. I have never wanted regulations from the government controlling-telling me where, when, how I fly my systems but in the last couple years I'm feeling we need some cause the people I have talked about flying these days need to be...Continue Reading
Posted by Wirewolf903 | Apr 29, 2011 @ 03:29 AM | 22,798 Views
Update 05022013
DJI Phantom Tactical (3 min 44 sec)

Update 04262013
I got my hands on two Phantom after working on a couple projects with DJI based in Austin Texas. Let me tell you these guys are AWESOME! They helped sponsor my Texas Army National Guards Family Readyness Groups Fundraiser at this years American Hero's AirShow Camp Mabry Austin, Texas. I asked them to help out with drawing customers to our BBQ booth with several DJI systems as a display. They loaned me a S800 and two brand new Phantoms. DJI also provided two Techs to man the display, answer questions, and do several demo flights. Colin the CEO also showed up and demoed the S800 new waypoint version downloaded from his tablet.

I also displayed my custom built UAS and other public safety inspired systems in efforts to show the public these systems have a place in assisting first responders and not just military applications.
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