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Posted by BrokenRotor | Jun 02, 2011 @ 10:02 PM | 4,651 Views
To date I am at TEN multi-copter builds... Somewhat of an addiction!

#1 was a quad made from a plastic shipping pallet. Too flexible and I did not know how to do sensor alignment, so it did not fly.

#2 was built using the Arducopter center plates from Matt, Alum square tubes from Home Depot bath towel department, DT750 motors and MultiWii code on MiniPro/ Sparkfun 9DOF sensor stick. It flew well, but always had some twitching to it even after trying to set the PIDs. Motor to motor was somewhere around 25".

#3 is a HEXA design made from the same bath towel tubes, old cooper clad circuit board for center section, KDA20-22L motors, MultiWii code on Seeedstudio Mega Arduino and same 9DOF sensor stick. I made a stablized GoPro camera mount but was never really happy with its roll correction. I flew this for two months, crashed several times, straightened the arms and kept going. I even flew it several times via VPV.
Currently it is undergoing conversion from MultiWii code to Mega Pirates beta with a FFIMU 1.22 sensor array. I have flown it, but it needs the PIDs tuned to make it stable.

#4 is my smaller fun style QUAD I named the "Kung-Fu flyer" because it has a stuffed KungFu Hamster on top of the QUAD. He works out great for orientation while flying. Reminds me of a surfer standing on his surf board when it flies by. It is built using 3/4" alum square tube, a Pipo ISU FC running MultiWii code, DT750 motors and 3-blade 9" props. Great...Continue Reading