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Posted by scott page | Feb 15, 2021 @ 05:52 PM | 8,536 Views
This is a short article for our club newsletter in March.

What are Expo and Rates (Weights)
Expo (exponential):
This setting alters how sensitive the sticks are around the center point. It does not alter the total throw of the servo movement. It alters the default linear curve to one that either is less sensitive (positive expo) or more sensitive (negative expo) around the middle point. (Some transmitters including Futaba use negative expo for less sensitivity.) Typically, I start with 30% for all my aircraft on all surfaces, and then alter as deemed necessary. This allows for a little more stick movement around the middle for more precise flying. Typically, 25-40% expo on control surfaces is typical for beginners. 3D planes generally use much higher expo and high speed planes lower values for expo.

Rates (weights):
Rates are called weights in OpenTX. Dual, or multiple, rates controls the total deflection (throw) of the control surface. On most of my models I setup 3 rates. This is mostly due to using a Taranis radio where most all the switches are 3 position. It allows me to setup a low, medium, and high rates on any or all of the control surfaces. I setup my multiple rates like this: Low rates match the Low throws specified in the build, Mid rates match the high throws specified, and high rates utilize the maximum servo throws allowed without binding the servos. Think of it as low, mild, and wild.

By mixing your preferred expo and rate settings in the radio, you can instantly switch from precise control with lower throws to insane 3D with high/extreme throws. The expo setting will assist in the sensitivity around mid-stick.
Posted by scott page | Feb 15, 2021 @ 05:00 PM | 8,476 Views
I've started a series of articles for out club newsletter on using OpenTX. Here is the first installment. - Because I have settings in the fonts that won't copy to RCG I've attached a .pdf of this article.