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Posted by GDbot | Jan 11, 2011 @ 08:26 PM | 4,469 Views
I shall remain ever hopeful that collectively humanity can prevail against its evolutionarily learned predispositions. This past weekends event in my State, my Country, however, forces some of my doubts to reappear. All of us have to question ourselves about the wisdom of killing another human Being in the wake of the shooting of [ Insert your local current tragedy here ]

What will happen, what Can happen, in the wake of this horrific crime against our sense of progress?

I have been trying to develop for My self an appreciation of balance, of action/reaction, stimulus/response, unintended consequences and homeostasis. Since all sane human beings acknowledge that they are fallible, that they can stub their toe occasionally by accident, one would assume they would also recognize that some of the ideas in their head might also be the product of bad judgment, insufficient information or inexperience. Sadly, some, like me, do not have enough brain cell interconnections for introspection or self reflection.

Evolution seems to have dictated that idiots are helpful to teach how to think more clearly.

Some have been arguing that the heated emotions in the media lately can tip the balance or cause some of our imperfect sisters and brothers to hurt others. irrationally. Some argue any restrictions on our impulses will dampen our creative juices.

I, for One, can only hope; faith only in the mathematics. This is a note to myself. I want to remember where I wanted to be, then.
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The last sentence of the last paragraph of the first page of this article

in my browser reads ".....blurring the line between “us” and “them,” between pathogen and host."

I wonder, in my SF story, about co-evolution. About whether viruses have been turned into retroviruses while being pruning the Human genome it created, to be able to able to look at itself; as allowed by the Laws of Physics.

The best part of this following video is the first minute and twenty five seconds. Then you should try to remember
Do Not Watch This Video (6 min 1 sec)

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Stephen Hawking recently said that the Concept of God was not necessary for the mathematical understanding of the creation of this Universe. There are two things I would like to address in this post.

First, our current conception of God (or Buddha or etc., etc.) is lacking.

Secondly, I don't think Hawking went far enough in his philosophical interpretations of his mathematical reasoning. I had a thought a few seconds, moments, years ago, that perhaps the reality we Share is the summation of all our collective, quantumly superposed interpretations, or assessments, of what the truth actually is. Each of us is actually the god of our own individually, quantumly determined, universe. Reality is the summation of our different points of view. (Purportedly, this is a 3 or 4 dimensional, holographic projection.) I agree, I haven't quite figured that out myself.

Nevertheless, I think we are coming to the mutual understanding that the individual human brains is are not capable of providing guidance for all of us. Our human constructed INTERNET brain will supersede our individual shortcomings.

With that thought, I leave you with this one

Hoedown by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (10 min 21 sec)

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I believe (although nobody cares about that except me)
that the group with the most sober, and rational
presentation will win in this current U.S.A. election. Through all the
fear mongering, and counter-fear mongering, comedy about it all, and
bewilderment by it all,......... sobriety and rationality shall prevail.
Or else we are all DOOMED!! LOL!

Seriously now, logic dictates that the Universe can figure itself
out by the Laws of Physics. Even logic itself is a product of the laws
of physics of this Universe. So, I am not too terribly worried about
the outcome of the current election cycle; rationality, action/reaction,
unintended consequences/balancing, stimulus/response, shall prevail. I admit that I would be a little disappointed if we wavered away from calmness and rationality for another cycle; but patience, for understanding and appreciation is, The lesson.

I once thought that I should be able to look, logically, backward into
and through my own DNA to the original moment of the beginning of Life,

and from there to the laws of the Physics of this Universe that would
allow it to be possible. I have not yet been able to convince myself
that I should not be able. Why else would I be able to construct a
Universe that could answer any question that I can imagine, through this
Internet that WE have created?

Cool eh? Another couple of years and...Continue Reading
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A great series of articles on Science Daily while a nice rain storm passes through locally.

We are getting close, No?

Personkind is just getting too cool, eh?

Get lost in this thought for a minute or two.

Put these three articles together in your brain simultaneously for a short while and see what you come up with.
I watched a great video( or two ) on this weekend that set the stage for my appreciation of the articles noted above.

this one

and then this one

Perhaps not the greatest presenter on TED, but I was inspired by a few of the ideas in the video; I do encourage you to persevere to the end.

(((My wife's health problems are making my brain have to think too quickly at this moment, so I will leave you with this U2b video..........)))

M-Seven - World In A Rain Drop [2008] (4 min 52 sec)

and this one

M-Seven Invisible (4 min 17 sec)
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I have been looking for this understanding for a few years
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Life can be a little overwhelming at times. The economy is seriously depressed, making it difficult on many levels. My friend and I got a nice job recently that appeared to take a lot of stress off, but then the contractor we are working for is slow to get draws from his employers, making payments to us shamefully tardy.

I have subscribed to the idea that energy conservation and efficiency offers our greatest hope for the future. It seems this should be a non-politically charged position we can all agree on.

Small Solutions: 2% is tiny ... and huge.

The biggest part of resolving our energy and climate problems will be lots of Small Solutions that add up to 2% energy conservation each year. To put that in perspective, after the oil shocks of the mid-70s Americans averaged 4% annual conservation, by buying more fuel-efficient cars, more energy-efficient appliances, etc. Conserving 2% per year is possible, and it's a Small Solution that by the end of the century would provide a European standard of living for every human being on earth - 10 billion people with good nutrition, education, health care, and retirement - using only half the energy we consume today. That's important enough to bold-italic ... because we could generate that from sustainable sources.

The most effective way to sequester carbon is to leave the coal and other fossil fuels in the ground, and conservation is the best way to get there. It's also the cheapest way. Dr. Muller quotes a...Continue Reading
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Too much physical motion (skilled labor) lately and not enough mental energy left over to sustain a longer post right now

Bob Dylan - Series Of Dreams (4 min 23 sec)

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I stretched it out so that it could be my current desktop background image.

and this one,

Does anybody know anything about this image?
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I was raised a reader and was introduced to Science Fiction at an early age. I like the flights of fancy, but my operating system for day to day living is based on the facts Ma'am, nothing but the facts. I can't remember who said " You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own FACTS." Still, I like to speculate, based on the facts.

One of my favorite ways to recover from the "NEWS", is to visit this website once or twice a day

So here is a quick simplified summary of my view of the Universe, as Science has taught me is most probable:

Hydrogen and Helium condense around a common center of gravity and make stars. Star cores crush H&H into the heavier elements, with star explosions mixing it all up and helping to precipitate new stars with some metals in their planetary discs. The elements combine continuously to create ever more complexity. Eventually, it learned how to remember, and then transfer memories. DNA, writing, books, the internet. Which leads to now, when the Universe can look at itself and wonder how it came into being, and what its point might be.

So, sometimes I look at myself as made up of atoms of the Universe looking at itself, the Universe. I subscribe to the point of view that thinks that "IF" there is a "GOD" then it is the Universe and youandI are of it, are part of god by definition. We are the Universe, not separate.

This...Continue Reading
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Charles Webster - Put Your Hurt Aside (5 min 4 sec)

I just discovered, in the last few months, a new feature offered by You Tube, at You Tube, not playing here in the blog (U2b, hereinafter, from now on) Just to the right of the number of views, there is a down arrow. When you click on that, quite often a box drops that gives you some information about where in the world and what age and gender the particular song is enjoyed. If you would like to track the flow of the music meme throughout the world, I highly suggest you waste some time following that rabbit for a little while. I really enjoy the outliers, the surprises. I have found some songs that are enjoyed most in Mongolia or
Azerbaijan. By young women 13 to 15.

And the machine intelligence which is running the Alien UFOs that are running it all, well.............that is a story for some other time later. I think the more important consideration is the way people and the technology we have assembled are putting itself together.

Up and outta here. Play it loud

Chris Zippel - Space Dock (4 min 37 sec)
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Stressful times. But take a look at this article for a quick minute:

I read too much news on the internet and it can be depressing. So I have to think my way out.

Sometimes I take refuge in music from You Tube or Groove Salad from Soma FM internet radio. I am beginning to think music is a virus, a meme that speaks to the other side of the brain, the one that doesn't deal with language. Across cultural divides. Sometimes music helps me to think more clearly, and I can drag myself out of a funk, or the blues, a depressed state or whatever you want to call it. If I am too manic I can re-center myself with a slow song also.

So, i am in a quandary. Should I blog here about how I think music will save the world, or should I blog about the last philosophical question that needs to be thought about in this universe. OOPS! OK, I am starting to get weird here, so it must be time to go.

Down tempo
Amon Tobin-Easy Muffin (full version) (5 min 6 sec)

Up tempo
Bela Fleck And The Flecktones - Next (3 min 39 sec)
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The video is taken out of context and is slightly sappy, but what the hey...

Paul van Dyk ft. Johnny McDaid - We Are One (Official Clip) (3 min 25 sec)

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The latest wrinkle comes from the revelation that Goldman Sachs stole too much and knocked the feet out from the World's economy.

This all just seems to me to seem too much like legalized theft lately.

And this is what I feel about it all today

To put a thinking-out-of the- box spin on it I wondered about the True value of War.

What a waste of resources! When you shoot a bullet all the energy that went into the refining of the gunpowder and brass is GONE! [OK, when there are too many males under 25, it's a good way to cut down on the future population]

It seems to be a good way to encourage scientific and technological progress. [OK, fine! I can be patient for bigger screen T.V., but not for faster trains or better Solar energy]


But this brings me back to my main point that Humanity is starting to notice intended and unintended consequences. Even those who are in denial are getting drawn in .... , to the understanding that no thing is an island. No thought, for that matter, is of no consequence. Does the money stolen from us completely disappear into champagne or does it come back in wages, innovation, and progress? Where do we start to recognize that we are running up against the limits of our resources?

Kuba - Road To Find Out (7 min 15 sec)

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This first U2b video WILL help if your brain gets a little overheated from thinking about the post below. Unfortunately, no video............just chill music......or Fortunately, if you just want to sit in the dark and listen

Holmes Ives Kuanos (6 min 18 sec)

This one has some great cloud and storm pictures. Powerful music that I like. Not really chill music however, but not too over the top either. One of my all time favorite songs. Highly recommended.
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Is Time an Illusion?
By Leonardo Vintiñi
Epoch Times Staff Created: Mar 6, 2010 Last Updated: Apr 6, 2010
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Related articles: Science & Technology > Exploring Enigmas

Could our past, present, and future exist together?
Could our past, present, and future exist together? (
Exploring the Frontiers of Science
“Time is a moving image of eternity.” —Plato

We tend to believe that destiny is not fixed and that all time past fades into oblivion, but can the movement be a mere illusion? A renowned British physicist explains that in a special dimension, time simply doesn’t exist.

“If you try to get your hands on time, it’s always slipping through your fingers,” said Julian Barbour, British physicist and author of “The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics,” in an interview with the Edge Foundation. While this poetic statement still resonates in the room, Barbour and the journalist probably do not have any connection with their own selves a second ago.

Barbour believes that people cannot capture time because it does not exist. While this is not a new theory, it has never had the popularity that Einstein’s theory of relativity or the string theory has had.

The concept of a timeless universe is not only irresistibly attractive to a handful of scientists, but such a model may pave the way to explain many of the paradoxes that modern physics faces...Continue Reading
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I heard this playing on the internet radio a good while back and fell in love with it immediately. I was in the right mood at that moment and the title of the song expresses a deep hope...... "We'll Learn" by Kuba.

kuba - we'll learn (6 min 42 sec)

Next up, another expression of the future language I see that we will use to educate and enlighten our children. Math stuff in pitchers and noises

Nature by Numbers (3 min 44 sec)
...Continue Reading
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now why the heck would i want to do that?

hold on a second, that is actually a pretty good question for a moment.

we can get a lot more mileage out of the rational and scientific point of view so let's dispense with the old religious way of answering that first. Your parents, and their parents, told you
"This is the way it is. Don't think, that is dangerous."

The rational impulse has always overcome the frightened child within us all and it has always said
"There has to be a better, .......Safer ...., way to navigate to the Future."

The study of Physics had shown us we are not the center of the Universe, the Sun does not revolve around Us. We live in a much more interesting Universe than we first could imagine.

My current favorite vision is the assemblage of awareness through the struggle between bacteria and virus. and now we are back to the original question

now why the heck would i want to do that?

in the struggle for self survival, why would a virus tell a bacteria

"There has to be a better, .......Safer ...., way to navigate to the Future.

.................................................. ........................................



.................................................. .......................................

Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.................