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Posted by SUNSQUINT | Jun 13, 2008 @ 06:37 PM | 7,133 Views
I have decided to list some of my Builds.....mostly because the many requests from readers here.

Starting with The Parkzone Radian.

Also soon to be listed:
  1. capping balsa rib and structures with carbon
  2. AVA-E build
  3. Bubble Dancer
  4. Topaz and Dancer total resurrections from disasters (I inherited them)
Parkzone Radian

The Parkzone Radian is an amazing flyer right out of the box...even though I have several high end and expensive saliplanes, the Radian gets a whole lot of airtime because of it's ability to be pulled out the back of the car on short notice and it's amazing thermaling.

It has also become my favorite starter/ teaching plane for newbies....

After having bought more than a dozen, I have found there are a few simple mods that either improve performance, durability, or portability.

Some I developed and some I found here on the 'Groups.
Early on, there were serious issues with the original prop breaking. Since then, Parkzone has produced a newer version of the stock prop with the Part number 9.75 x 7.5_1 molded in to the blade. It works well enough now, but if you want kick in the pants performance, consider the following:

My friend David Haverlah started a thread here asking for a solution and I posted the following shopping list.....

"this is the hot set-up for props....
Aeronaut is an excellent carbon prop and waaay better than the stock prop. So are the Graupners. I will see if I have any.

Go with 11 x 6 EDIT after flying...Continue Reading