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Posted by herk1 | Apr 13, 2015 @ 03:11 PM | 6,389 Views
I got a Bix3 for FPV, and especially wanted to do takeoffs and landings in FPV. But the ground-handling with the stock tail-dragger Bix3 landing gear was atrocious. The plane would jerk 90 degrees to one side as soon as the tail gear lifted off the ground on takeoff roll. I finally fixed that by bending the main gear wire (which appeared straight to begin with, but whatever works...). That fixed takeoffs, but then landings were messed up -- the plane would ground-loop right after touchdown. The stock tailwheel mount is really a loose, rickety affair, and the long pushrod which splits into two rods (for the rudder and the tailwheel) is flimsy and a pain to deal with.

So I modified my Bix3 to give it tricycle landing gear. Now the ground handling manners are solid and smooth for taxi, takeoff and landing. I used this trike-gear set:


The main gear is mounted onto a piece of lite ply of similar dimensions as a paint stirring-stick, which I threaded through the fuse foam at an appropriate distance aft of CG.

The nosewheel part fit like a glove onto the Bix3's nose, with very little trimming -- all I did was expand the cooling inlet forward to the edge, then slide the nose-gear servo shroud into the slot (secured with hot glue). Photo attached (I temporarily removed all my FPV gear to test the gear mod). I haven't decided if I'll put the nose cone back on or just leave it open for cooling.