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Posted by herk1 | Feb 06, 2014 @ 03:53 PM | 8,435 Views
There are lots of mini-warbirds available these days...but unfortunately they either come with fixed landing gear, or no landing gear at all. So I modded my FMS 800mm mini Bf-109 with the smallest set of electric retracts that I could find. The retracts I used are these:


They do not come with struts. They fit a 3mm strut wire -- which is fatter than really needed for this small of a plane. And unfortunately, they do not come with securing screws to hold the strut in...so you need to improvise something for that. My improvisation was to file a small notch into the strut, then secure it with a #2 by 3/8" screw that I had in my supply from a previous RTLFasteners order. You have to be careful not to tighten the screw too much, or it will strip/ream the plastic.

The stock landing-gear mounts are held on with a rubbery contact cement, so they pulled off with a steady pressure without tearing any foam. I covered up the remaining evidence of the original gear-mount depressions with some 3mm Depron (photo).

I mounted the retracts in a thick part of the wing (where the original gear mount was located), then bent the struts forward so as to site the wheel-wells more forward, to minimize nose-overs/tipping. (Yes, I know that the retracts on the real Bf-109 swing the other way.)

The attached photos pretty much tell the rest of the story.