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Posted by herk1 | Aug 13, 2013 @ 06:08 PM | 10,639 Views
This plane is a new model in the "funfighter" series of little (around 24" wingspan) EPO warbirds. I bought the ARF/airframe kit, which is all that I have seen available so far. Unlike some of the other Skyangel airframe kits I have bought previously, this one did not come with the motor.

The plane arrived with the two other Skyangel planes that I ordered at the same time, in a big, beat-up looking package. Turns out, two of the Skyangel boxes inside were nearly flattened. The P-39 damage was a bent and cracked fuse as well as a bent wing (polyhedral added as a bonus, I guess you could say). After some work with a hairdryer, the shape is restored, with only appearance-damage (wrinkles) remaining. These aren't the first Skyangel planes I have received in flattened boxes. They really should rethink their packaging.

This kit actually came with two sets of prop/spinner parts -- two-blade and three-blade. On the package with the 3-blade parts, it says: "If use 3-blades propellers we suggested data as below: ESC:30A-40A, Motor kv: 1500-1700, Battery: 1000-1500mah 3S 30c." Both versions have some nice yellow accent paint added, as per the full-scale scheme that is modeled (see link below).

The interior elevator control rod routing, and the nice long equipment hatch along the top follow suit with other funfighters. How much room is inside the P-39 for bigger batteries and equipment placement? See photo for a comparison with the Corsair and...Continue Reading