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Posted by herk1 | Jan 05, 2012 @ 07:39 PM | 8,821 Views
This tiny 12-inch-long foam chuck glider (link) seemed perfect for conversion to RC using micro components.

My first idea was to use the "brick" ESC/RX/servo unit from one of the Horizon micro planes. So I cut off the top from the Shuttle with a hot-wire, dug out some room, then transfered the "brick" and motor/gearbox from a Hobbyzone Champ to the Shuttle...adding Depron elevons onto the rear of the shuttle for control (see first photo below). Unfortunately, when I test-flew this configuration, the Shuttle could only manage a controlled descending glide to the ground. Apparently the Shuttle needs more speed to fly than the rather low-pitch-speed power setup of the Champ provides.

But I'm not one to give up after a single try. For my second try, I ordered one of those tiny new micro-size Spektrum-compatible receivers from HobbyKing (it weighs only 2-grams), and some tiny 1.7-gram servos to go with it. Then I stripped another micro plane in my hangar of it's high-RPM 5-gram brushless outrunner motor and 7-amp ESC. For a battery, I chose the smallest 2S LiPo that I have -- a 200 mAh one.

This new configuration surprised me with the dramatic difference in flight properties. Now the Shuttle climbs strongly at full power (almost too strongly in fact...it seems as though a thrust angle adjustment may be in order). The Shuttle even cruises along happily at only half power. The only real problem on the remaiden was the touchy roll rate, because I still had on the big "paddles" for elevons that I had sized for the slower original configuration, and excessive throws to boot.