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Posted by herk1 | Feb 02, 2009 @ 04:46 PM | 13,088 Views
I like pusher-propjet models. This will be my fourth. The GWS J-10 is big, sleek-looking, and has canards that actually function -- instead of just being a glued-on/fixed decoration (like so many models of planes with canards). How cool is that?! And it has a stick mount option for pusher-prop power. So it was just a matter of time till I got around to building one.

Here's my setup:

GWS J-10 NPS kit (white/unpainted)
Scorpion 2215-1860 motor (outrunner, 1860 Kv)
APC 7x5 Sport prop
Pentium 40 ESC
Epyaya LiPo battery, 3S/2200 mAh
GWS and Hitec servos
Spektrum AR6000 receiver

The motor is one I've been anxious to try out. It's one of two Scorpion motors that is specifically suited to pusher-propjets. See this announcement.

I'm also trying out a Pentium ESC from Don's that has a built-in switching BEC, instead of my usual Thunderbird ESC with Dimension Engineering BEC. It's more simple (less wiring rat's-nest, less soldering), and cheaper. Hope it does the job as well.

I'm getting close to finishing the build. I'll post more photos when I get a chance. For now, here's a photo of the kit and some of the components.

[edit: more photos and maiden report added, in "Comments"]