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Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 17, 2017 @ 05:10 PM | 17,988 Views
I am an old man...I have watched my cohorts leave High School to join the work force when we were still teenagers. Most of us went to work of necessity, in order to buy Cars and chase GIRLS .

By and large, we settled down in much the same way our Fathers did...with our own Homes and Families..
Over the years, there was a change brewing and more and more parents lost control of their Children, or were too busy to properly discipline them. That eventually evolved into what we see today, with little respect or regard for people and personal property.

I was so proud to be part of a 'working' generation, where a Beer or a Cigarette was 'pushing the edge' of acceptable behaviour..
The drug prevalence in vogue currently, is disheartening, and the 'entitled' young adults will not make any effort to become productive members of Society.

One young man though, has worked hard and diligently to break that mold.Seeking an in -depth Education, he has been accepted to Embry Riddle College of Aeronautics. He's a member of the Oxford Pa. Cloud Kings R/C Club..We are justifiably proud of this young man and his desire to achieve a higher Education.
I'd just jot down the name of Tommy Bledsoe and refer to it in the future, when you begin to hear his name bandied about as a cutting edge engineer.
There's little to limit where he ends up, except the amount of effort he expends..
He's applied to the AMA for a Scholarship, and if anyone deserves one, it's Tommy.... Best of luck in the Future, Tom.