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Posted by edwen303 | May 12, 2018 @ 01:21 PM | 3,689 Views
Bought a pair of this battery several years ago but never got a suitable plane or power system to use them. So they have been mostly sleeping in the fridge for the past years. At room temperature checked the internal resistance recently and they seems all excellent (< 2 milliohm per cell). Recently through another HK sale so got a 1500kv inrunner capable of over 100A on 6s-8s, so decided to make those 7s batteries ready.
After first charging/storage cycle, the first four cell reading are around 4.18-4.20 V but the rest three cells are only 4.00V. So I charged those undervolted cells as single cell, still the voltage will NOT stay 4.20V after charging cycle complete. So I ran storage again, was able to bring down the volts all to 3.80V/cell. "That is promising", I thought to myself.
So, another charging is done now, all cell reading at 4.20V.

Capacity: Also was able to put in 3000mah to the pack from 3.8V to 4.2V, so the actual capacity of the pack seems pretty good (definitely "5000mah" is an underrating). Most lipo packs from hobbyking are underrated, good for the customers. I bought lipo from banggood or amazon, all overrated and I had to return them.

Next discharge at lower amps ("break in") and recharge again.