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Posted by fastmax | Mar 23, 2018 @ 10:12 AM | 27,085 Views
Edit-6/8/2018 Right now this little racer is on sale for only $69.99 Click me to purchase.

Wow! Things sure have changed in the past year or so. Not too long ago, many of us were spending $70-$80 on small brushed FPV racing drones. Today, you can get brushless racers, with much better electronics packages for around the same price.

The new Zing 110 is a perfect example of one of these inexpensive, yet nicely equipped brushless micro quads. This little racer is an excellent model for pilots that have been flying brushed quads, and are ready for an increase in power, and speed, or for pilots that want something small enough to fly around the backyard, or small park without spending too much.

For $85 you're getting a pretty nice package. At the heart of the quad is the popular Flycolor Raptor S-Tower F3 FC with OSD and 12A 4 in 1 BLHeli-S 2-3s Dshot ESC, paired to some 1104 4300kv motors. For FPV duty you get what looks to me like the KingKong/LDARC Q25 25mw mini 5.8ghz VTX hooked to an 800TVL 1.6mm CMOS camera. The package also includes two full sets of KingKong 2345 props.

The quad arrives with Betaflight 3.1.5 firmware which works perfectly fine, but for those that want the newest firmware the Flycolor FC has a boot button, making flashing new firmware quick, and easy. They even give you a set of prop guards for those that prefer to fly with them.

All in all I am pretty impressed with this little quad. It amazes me how far this sector of the RC hobby has come...Continue Reading
Posted by fastmax | Mar 22, 2018 @ 12:13 PM | 10,640 Views
EDIT-5/28/2018 Now on sale for only $125.99 Click me to order.

FuriBee has been a bit hit or miss lately. They've had some excellent models, and they've had a few models with some pretty serious issues. It looks like they are redeeming themselves with this new Geniuser 160 though, as this drone is great, and has a lot going for it.

For starters they've equipped this quad with the excellent Omnibus F4 flight controller with OSD. They've given it a 4 in 1 BLHeli-S 28A ESC running DShot, as well as a 2.1mm 800TVL CCD camera, and a VTX with 0mw / 25mw / 100mw / 200mw output settings. You even get a buzzer, and a programmable LED light bar. The real star of this show though is the huge 1506 3400kv motors, swinging Gemfan 3052 props.

Available as an Frsky BNF, or as a PNP model. This quad has loads of thrust on 4s, but also flies very well on 3s. Flight video on both voltages coming in just a few. For now, check out the pics, and be sure to ask any questions you might have.

Happy Flying!!

First LOS flight on Tattu 650mah 75C 4s

FuriBee Geniuser Tattu 650mah 75C 4s First Test Flight (3 min 31 sec)

3s flight on Goaneng 550mah 80C

FuriBee Geniuser 160 Gaoneng 550mah 80C 3s Flight (2 min 59 sec)
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Posted by fastmax | Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:05 AM | 10,654 Views
A new toy just showed up on my front porch The Hubsan H122D X4 Storm is a new brushed micro FPV quad that is available as a complete RTF package with FPV monitor, and goggles for only $129 or as a standard RTF package with just the quad and transmitter for $79

This little drone has a 130mm wheelbase, and is powered by some pretty peppy 10mm brushed motors, and a 7.6v 710mah 30c LIHV battery.

I expect that this will be an excellent package for new pilots ready to experience FPV flight, or a great next step for those that have been playing around with flying LOS quads, and want an affordable way to try out first person view drones.

First LOS test flight. DVR footage, and video from the quads micro SD card slot coming soon.

Hubsan H122D X4 Storm Complete RTF FPV Package First Flight (2 min 7 sec)
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