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Posted by fastmax | Mar 31, 2017 @ 12:38 PM | 14,863 Views
EDIT 12/1 Now back on flash sale for only $265 Click me.

A DHK Hobby Zombie 8E 8384 Apocalypse that is!

DHK has recently revised, and brought back their formidable 1/8 brushless beast. This new version is equipped with a 2.4ghz radio system, a Hobbywing WP-8BL100 2s-4s waterproof 100 amp ESC, a 2030kv motor, 9kg metal gear servo, and a 2600mah 3s lipo battery, and balance charger. The only thing you need to add to get the action started are 4 AA batteries for the remote.

This is a 1/8 scale truck, so it is HUGE! It is very well built with aluminum alloy chassis plate, alloy chassis braces, and shock towers, and aluminum, oil filled, threaded body, big bore shocks. The truck also uses a standard 3 differential layout with all metal gears. Simply put, it is built to take some serious abuse, and keep coming back for more.

Quick parking lot run on the stock 3s battery. More videos, mods, and upgrades coming soon so stay tuned!

DHK Hobby 8384 Zombie 8E RTR Brushless Monster Truck (2 min 19 sec)
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Posted by fastmax | Mar 31, 2017 @ 11:41 AM | 14,131 Views
Eachine sure stays busy working on new, and cool products. One of their latest is this mini selfie drone, the Eachine E55. Click me to purchase.

This is a folding, pocket size drone that you can fly with your phone, or other smart device. You can use it to take pictures, or selfies, and even shoot videos. There's even a mode for VR goggles so if you have an extra phone, smart device, or the RTF version with transmitter, you can place a phone in VR mode in your goggles and fly this FPV style.

This very compact drone comes with battery, USB charger, spare props, and even a nice velvet bag for storing, or carrying it in. All for only $32.99 Here are a few pics. Flight video coming soon.
Posted by fastmax | Mar 24, 2017 @ 06:21 PM | 14,457 Views
KingKong 210GT RTF... The suspense is killing me too!

EDIT 3/25 Ok, so I had some time to get some detailed pics of this beast. Unfortunately it has been raining here since yesterday, so I haven't been able to get it in the air other than a quick hover in the house. Based on what I have seen so far I LOVE this quad! It's well equipped, well laid out, and everything is pretty well set up for you right out of the box. Flight modes are pre-set , arm switch is pre-set, and the stock tune feels pretty good. Of course I'll need to actually fly it to be certain, but I am pretty sure it is going to handle great in completely box stock form. They also include a generous amount of props. There are 10 CW and 10 CCW props in the box, along with a 1300mah 3S lipo, a low voltage alarm, Flysky FS-i6 radio, and an imax B3 AC balance charger. I will be getting some flight video of this with stock props, powered by the stock battery, as well as video with DAL Cyclone props on 3S and 4S power, so as soon as weather permits I will update this post. For now though here is some eye candy.

More info, and flight video coming soon so stay tuned. Feel free to ask any questions. Happy Flying!!

We had about a 20 minute break in the rain this morning, so I was finally able to test this thing out. Here's a short test flight with the DAL Cyclone props.

KingKong 210GT 210mm RTF FPV Racing Drone First Flight (2 min 22 sec)

Flight video on 3s with DAL Cyclone tri blade props.

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Posted by fastmax | Mar 22, 2017 @ 08:00 PM | 14,665 Views
Check out the new Eachine F14 RatingKing 1/14 4x4 FPV Buggy! Eachine has been making FPV quadcopters for quite a while now, but this new buggy marks their first foray into land based FPV rigs.

My RatingKing just arrived today, and while I haven't gotten much of a chance to do anything with it just yet, I did get a couple pictures to get this mini review started. The first thing I noticed about the buggy is that it has a nice quality look, and feel to it. The second thing that jumped out at me is just how wrong I think they got the scale. They call it 1/14, but if you ask me it is closer to 1/12, and might even be on the large side of the 1/12 scale. Here are a few pics of it next to my 1/14 Tacon Soar buggy. The RatingKing dwarfs it!

Quick test run in the driveway. This buggy is a blast! The FPV gear performs perfectly. The suspension is also tuned very well right out of the box. Even the included action cam delivers a decent picture (video from the onboard cam coming soon)

Eachine RatingKing F14 1/14 RTR FPV 4WD Buggy (1 min 6 sec)
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Posted by fastmax | Mar 21, 2017 @ 01:22 PM | 13,528 Views
The new Sinohobby QQ Cartoon Car is a 1/24th scale 4wd micro RC car that comes as a complete RTR package. This package includes the car, a 2.4ghz transmitter, lipo battery, and charger. All for only $42.99 during the current promo sale. There are a bunch of different body options to choose from, in an assortment of colors. I preferred the looks of the cartoon Porsche myself, but check them all out here. Click me.

There are a couple things I really like about this little car. First, there are 3 different speed settings on the transmitter. This means that drivers of different experience levels are able to learn how to drive without being concerned about going too fast, and crashing into things. Second is the run time. This car runs for almost 30 minutes per charge. That's plenty of time to really enjoy driving in between charges.

So far I only have one complaint. At full steering lock when going left, the inside of the front tire rubs on the edge of the servo which will cause the car to spin out in sharp left turns. It looks like it should be an easy fix by simply trimming a little off of the servo tab, or maybe by adjusting the linkage to limit the maximum angle a bit. I haven't looked into fixing it myself just yet because I have been having too much fun running the car around the house. I will share an update on a fix soon.

Running video on the RCP track showing the performance difference between the three different speed settings.

SinoHobby QQ 1/24 RTR
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Posted by fastmax | Mar 20, 2017 @ 10:19 AM | 12,747 Views
Looks like someone in this house is going to get flying lessons. Can't hardly use battle drones without someone to battle with

Check out the new Cheerson CX-60 Air Dominator Battle Drones! Each package includes 2 smart device controlled drones, with infrared lasers, allowing pilots to have space age dog fights right in the comfort of their own home. Up close look, and flight/battle video coming soon. For more information or to purchase a set of your own click me.

Let's take a closer look at the Cheerson CX-60 Air Dominator Infrared Battle Drones!

When I first saw these little futuristic looking drones I was immediately intrigued. I really liked the idea of cruising around the house, shooting at each other in an effort to defeat my space age enemy. I had one major concern though. Would these be easy enough to control via a smart phone or tablet? I have flown quads via WiFi that were anything but easy to control, so naturally I had my doubts about these.

I am happy to say however, that much to my surprise they're not only responsive and easy to control, but they actually fly very well. Using the sticks mode does take some getting used to, but in gravity mode (using the accelerometer in the smart device for control) they are actually a breeze to fly and the only thing you need to use the sticks for is to set your altitude, and for yaw. Speaking of altitude, another very pleasant surprise is that the altitude hold on these also functions very well. Once you are at your...Continue Reading
Posted by fastmax | Mar 14, 2017 @ 05:02 PM | 13,438 Views
FuriBee FX120 120mm Brushless Micro FPV Racing Drone Review

Micro FPV racers are all the rage. Able to be flown in smaller areas than their bigger brothers, but without sacrificing performance. These tiny little machines put amazing speed, and agility right in the palm of your hand.

The new FX120 from FuriBee is no exception, and comes very well equipped with a Flysky FS-i6 in the RTF package or as an ARF ready for your choice of radio system.

Let's take a closer look at this micro racer and see just what it's made of.

I want to point out that in my pictures the quad has GemFan 3030 props on it that I was testing a few settings with. The quad comes stock with two complete sets of 3045 tri-blade props. I also want to mention that in the description on the Gearbest product page it states that a 2s 7.4v lipo is included, when in fact the included battery is a 3s 11.1v 620mah lipo. The battery stated in their description is a typo.

Out of the box the quad is a smooth, stable flyer, and has Angle/Horizon/Acro flight modes pre programmed for you on SWC. Be aware though that unlike many other pre-programmed models the flight modes are reversed. Switch in the upper most position is Acro, in the middle is Horizon, and down is Angle mode.

I found that the stock settings in CleanFlight were a little on the sluggish side for my liking. If you're just stepping into a brushless racer they're probably ok, but I went ahead and bumped the RC Rates up to 0.50 across the...Continue Reading
Posted by fastmax | Mar 06, 2017 @ 09:39 AM | 12,283 Views
SPCMAKER has recently released a couple new micro FPV racing drones. The SPC90, and the SPC90X are 90mm quads with 8520 motors, carbon fiber frames, and F3 EVO flight controllers. Click me.
Let's take a closer look at the SPC90X that I recently received.

Model: SPC90X
Configuration: X
Material: 3K carbon fiber
Size: 63.5 x 63.5 x 32mm
Frame weight: 6.5g
Takeoff weight: 55g
Motor: 8520 3.7V coreless motor
Flight time: 5 - 6 minutes
Flight controller: F3 EVO brushed 2.0
Processor: STM32F303CCT6
Camera: 600TVL
FPV transmitter: 5.8G 25mW 48CH
Receiver: DSM2 Satellite / FrSky SBUS PPM / FlySky PPM
Battery: 3.7V 600mAh 25C
Propeller length: 55mm

As you can see from the specs these are available with your choice of DSM2, Frsky, or Flysky receiver, so just about every popular radio is covered.
Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see that these arrive in an attractive foam lined tin that not only does an excellent job of protecting the quad during transit, but also makes an excellent case for carrying it in. There's even room inside the tin for extra batteries, spare props, and spare motors. Very nice!

Once you are inside your shiny new tin, you will find your new quadcopter, which I am happy to say is also quite attractive. This little bird has a high quality look, and feel to it. See for yourself. (Pics below)

So far this little drone appears to be one of the nicest brushed micros I have seen. I really, really like my E-90X, and its flight characteristics, so if this flies anything like it I will be a happy camper. Once I get some time, I will get this bound up to my radio and get some flight video so stay tuned. Until then, happy flying!