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Archive for December, 2015
Posted by xatled99 | Dec 09, 2015 @ 08:36 PM | 4,437 Views
Sold the dji quad after not really flying it at all. Sold my trusty 7C tx. Failed to renew AMA and local club memberships. The rc hangar is empty for now, but I expect I will repopulate it when my son is old enough to get in to the hobby.

Finally pulled the trigger on an rpi2. Married it with an RTL-SDR and tossed stratux on it. Dug into the code a bit and made some improvements. Stood up netbsd, for the first time in over a decade. It's still neat and clean.

On the other hand, on track for 40 hours of fullscale flying this year. Took my mom flying, took my son flying, took my wife on a lunch date, made another trip from dc to ny. Considering further training in the new year.