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Posted by PeterVRC | Dec 29, 2013 @ 06:31 AM | 9,489 Views
US$43 .... !!!???? AU$85 delivered.....
Oh dear... another plane..... LOL.

The pics looked good, and I have seen a few "Balsa-Ply" ARF's - owned by other people, and that looked great. But after GETTING one, I don't think I will ever get one again!! FOAM RULES!! LOL.
But back to this model.....

SHINY!!! That is the key attribute of the Balsa-Ply model. Covered in smooth shiny covering all over, or the just as shiny fibre-glass cowl.
The part I don't like is... the Balsa-Ply, and that covering! It makes altering/modding much more difficult and even limiting.
Then, if it crashes....... OUCH!! Or if you damage the covering in transit etc.

AU$85.... but needs another $100 by the time it is airborne.... so it is not really any cheaper than any foam aircraft of the same size.

Sitting there all finished, it looks GREAT!! Lacking panel lines and finer details of a foamie - even though on a foamie they are badly exaggerated anyway!
But if TopRC or UniqueModels.... or even FMS etc I guess... made a PT-19... then I would advise those as a better option really!

But this is worth what it cost....

Posted by PeterVRC | Dec 11, 2013 @ 04:45 PM | 11,749 Views
This SBach had been on my wishlist for a long long time. I like 'real'... scale... aircraft... generally military more than civilian, but I have a few civilian performance aircraft. And a (broken for now) Piper Cub...

The pics on this SBach foamie look great!!
The forums pretty much paint it out to be great!! A few electrical shortfalls (servos) here and there, as is typical with most foamies.
But when I actually got it, I was a bit disappointed in it as a total!!