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Posted by korakora | Oct 28, 2018 @ 09:09 PM | 5,230 Views
i make it more light of weight, now it's only 950gr of AUW
but this setup was stuck with this AUW
more than that it will difficult to launch (the motor too small)
so this is more likely middle range setup (under 70km total traveled) but i guess i can make it a little bit more far with the 4s2p of 18650 li-ion battery

(I choose parts not too overpowered it means it will be more heavier, but sufficient enough for 950-1100gr of AUW)

Motor SunnySky X2212 1250KV
Propeller E-PROP 8X4
ESC 30a from LillteBee (Racing Esc)
FC an old APM 2.8
Power Module
Analog AirSpeed Sensor
Bec 5amp
RX 433mhz
VTX 1.3g 100mw (No OSD) because i have telemetry on my TX (more comfort for me because it have a sounds to warn me)

That's IT! please feel free to ask

FInal Long Range Setup of Sonicmodell HD WING (16 min 35 sec)

*Arduplane Parameters Attached