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Posted by Micubano | Mar 25, 2019 @ 08:59 AM | 2,734 Views
I admit I tried to get my son into flying way too young. Like when he was 8ish. He was not enjoying flying the high wings or biplanes. He always seemed so concerned about crashing and the cost of a crash despite him recording me crash planes on a few occasions and then seeing the planes repaired and flying again. Yet, he still liked going to NEAT Fair. I thought he just liked the nice drive and finding new places to eat. Last year, he found out profile foamies are very reasonably priced and durable. He started coming out with me to the clubs when he didn't have other activities and flying an old profile foamy that I beat up a lot over the years. He likes hanging with the guys. His flying was still pretty awkward and just a pattern around the field with a few snap rolls thrown in. Every time he was with me, I made sure we stopped somewhere to eat afterward and talked about the flights and whatever is on his mind. This winter, he hit RealFlight hard. At least 15 minutes a day for 3 or 4 days a week. He swore that the minor and constant stick movements improved his Fortnite game. Whatever. I'll take it. Yesterday, he asked to go try his new plane and I recorded this.

RA Cores Extra Profile Foam Airplane - Callum's First Flight (2 min 40 sec)

I only had enough money on me for a frozen Coke for him afterward. He deserved it. It was the first time he flew in wind and kept the plane under control the entire time. No buddy box. No help except for me walking on the field to hand launch it because the wind was at our backs. That is why the video is the way it is. I had to run back to the flight line. And he nailed the final landing. Plus this is a park he is normally not comfortable at. He prefers the wide open clubs, but they are too soggy to walk on. I am so proud of him. He's 13 and we are going to have a fun summer of flying together.
Posted by Micubano | Mar 15, 2019 @ 09:53 AM | 3,327 Views
I forgot to blog that I took a break from the balsa builds (right before my week from hell) to work on the RA Cores Extra with my son. Easy build and tons of aileron throw. It can handle a pretty strong breeze that some people would call wind. After the maiden flight, just for fun, I turned the wind on Real Flight up to 50 mph with 100% turbulence und flew a PA Extra 300. The landing was tough, but the plane was intact!

Our new RA cores earned its spot on the wall of things that I don't want lying around the workshop in the basement because they would warp or break there. You can't see it in the picture, but my son wrote both our names on the fuse. I think he likes the RA cores planes the most because they are durable. I can't wait for the flying season to start.
Posted by Micubano | Mar 14, 2019 @ 09:57 AM | 3,740 Views
So, I had a hip replaced back in October. That went as well as anyone could hope. Last Wednesday, I picked up a nasty head cold. One sick day from work and then I was able to work from home Thursday. Friday I get in work and IMMEDIATELY get a call from my son's school because he was sick. He had been out sick since Monday (and the one who got me sick). He really wanted to get back to school because the work was piling up, but the nurse said he needed more rest. I agreed. I work from home again because driving back will just waste more time. After work, I do get in a flight with our new RA Cores Extra in a pretty heavy breeze. I decided one battery was enough and not risk it because my son needs to fly it before it gets damaged. He did write both our names on it when we finished putting it together . Friday night, my hip I had the replacement on feels a little stiff. Saturday morning, now it's my ankle and knee too. I go to a party to watch a band for an hour around 3 PM, but don't drink or eat anything because I feel off. Sunday, I wake up barely able to walk because of the pain. . I take medicine prescribed for the swelling and pain, sit in my recliner, sleep a lot, and watch a perfect day for flying pass me by. Real Flight did help once I found models for two new planes I have for the spring. Monday is no better. I take a personal day at work because they were pretty generous the week before. I call the doc and get different pills because the ones I am taking did not work....Continue Reading