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Posted by UpNup | Oct 27, 2018 @ 06:15 PM | 2,740 Views
P-51B’s have a diamond-shaped airfoil. It’s pretty symmetrical end to end. Counsel online suggested unless you’re going pure scale, then the airfoil should change.

I looked st two airfoils that could work: Selig S8036 and NACA 2415 root, 2414 span, and 2412 at the wingtips. The Selig was just too thick for a Mustang.

1. Print AeroFred P-51B plans at Office copy place. I paid $7.50 for each page. I made two copies—one for reference and one to cut up in building. 57.75” WS P-51B Pony

2. In PowerPoint, create a large worksheet with 1” grids onscreen. Use plan graphic on the screen sized to accurate scale. Measure in real life to match the 1” grid in PPT.

3. Trace NACA airfoils to use. http://airfoiltools.com/airfoil/naca4digit

4. Put NACA airfoil lines over the printed plans onscreen. Add markings on each rib to the drawing. Use 4 pt. Line width. Add titles on plans.

5. Create PowerPoint file the size of a piece of paper. Tile it. In other words, transfer the tubes from the large PPT to the one that you can print from. Add a vertical red line on the edge of the page. The ribs will hang over. Copy the rib and put it below or on another page the rib. Make sure all of the right side of the rib is onscreen.

6. Print out the ribs. Cut them apart and tape the ends together if necessary. Place the new rib over the plans. Does the new rib match up at LE? Sheer Web marks? And the TE? Go back into the PPT to re-size until they all match.

7. Use the new ribs with the airfoil change.
Posted by UpNup | Oct 21, 2018 @ 07:56 PM | 2,440 Views
Began assembling the 1903 Wright Flyer 24 static. Full kit. Rib-ticklin fun!

So far the plans are very clear and accurate.