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I absolutely love my Trex 150X for flying around my front yard, practicing maneuvers. I've been putting 6-7 packs through the 150X every morning for nearly a year, now, and I love it! Perfect size for my front yard, and super quiet too! All I really hear is the blades ripping through the air. There's a lot of negativity about this heli, so I thought I'd post about my positive experience with my 150X and a few tips that may be helpful.

Although I have a few bigger helicopters, I like to use micro helicopters to migrate new skills from my simulator to the real world. Like many pilots, I have a mental barrier to trying something completely new with a larger, more expensive helicopter. And then there's the intimidation factor--it's enough to just freeze my hands! My solution to this gestalt was to buy a Blade Nano CPS and then convince myself that it's disposable and thus crash-able.

I made a lot of progress flipping and flying inverted with the Nano CPS, but I became increasingly frustrated with the behavior of the brushed motors, the twitches, and the tail blow-outs. I have arrived at a skill level where more crashes are caused by the helicopter's anemic power and tail authority than my dumb thumbs. So I pulled the trigger on the Trex 150X.

The 150X's performance is so much better than the Nano CPS, and also my Blade mCPS, particularly in the tail area. Continual tail blow-outs had been just killing my Blade helis! The 150X, on the other hand, has enough power and...Continue Reading
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11 Days till Christmas ( Xmas to some )

Ripit Update .

Replaced the music wire for the rudder .
I put in originally a U bend in the wire for tweaking alignment , but turns out it was a spot for flexing . So the rudder was soft .
Replaced and now I have rudder .

I also put a decent sized nut on the front of the model to move the CG forward .
The Rip flies so much better for it . Chalk and cheese .

Raven Update .

Went to the park to peg it . ( peg launch )
Oh boy , launches really nice I have to say .
CG is too far back , I went for the factory recommendation and No ( no no no ) .
Going to try and move the CG forward at least 10mm .

Broke the Raven again .
This time the vertical fin broke along the bottom of the carbon boom .
Its been given a injection of cyno , so hopefully fixed ( even the carbon in the fin broke )

Flying weight , mine comes in right at about 150 grams wet .
And so far :

A) The tail area seems very fragile .
B) Launches so nicely
C) Factory CG recommendation = ??????????
D) Retail Price = I think it's too high for what you get ( Sorry )
E) Maybe a ARF version for $100
F) The raven has serious potential I think . ( Butt ) Are they going to develop it and address issues ?

EDF update !

My 30mm ED came ...
And I have started a new EDF project ..

30mm EDF from Banggood (1 min 33 sec)

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I stumbled on these pictures in an old photo album. They show a rocket glider I built in middle school sitting on the launch pad plus a shot of it taking off. I put a few flights on it and then hung it from my bedroom ceiling. I recall using a plastic nose cone to taper the back and placing the bottom of that nose cone at the front. I used plastic straws for launch lugs and launched it at an modest angle. It flew on a mini A motor, climbed out at a shallow angle, and then found its wings in time to glide back at a surprisingly gentle speed. The canopy and pilot were from a 1/48 scale Testors plastic model kit of the F-19 Stealth fighter.
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Here's another I decided to kit. I figured my Iron Cross (Das Ugly stik) themed rocket glider needed a good guy to keep him in check. So I was inspired by the P-26 peashooter and inter-war us army air corps color schemes and here is the final product. 2.6" diameter, 34" long, 23" winspan and 11 oz rtf using a 24mm E-6 long burn motor.

Dynasoar Rocketry Peashooter RC Rocket glider flights (5 min 43 sec)

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stock motor

YEP 100 A esc : drop fit cutting, no shaving, no modification LinK:

castle 10 A BEC

Aeronaut 7x7 prop

battery: nanotech 2.2 70-150C 4s

watts : 1046 at 74 A

upgraded set up :

Cobra CP-2814-2000 Brushless Motor, Kv=2000: link:

YEP 100 A esc : drop fit cutting, no shaving, no modification LinK:

castle 10 A BEC

Aeronaut 7x7 prop

battery: nanotech 2.2 70-150C 4s

watts : 1621 at 110-115 A
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With the Me-263 finished, I've started the Ziroli A-1H build here:
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Project T-28

Carbon z t-28
Aspire sound system
MrRc. Machine guns and lights
Castle. Esc. 2x BEC”s
Custom cockpit
Callie graphics
Dubro. Control rods / Clevis
MAS prop
Home Depot paint 😜

T-28 Trojan RC Plane (Carbon Z) (4 min 8 sec)

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The good news is that the two sides of the wing line up well. I've completed the preliminary work with the plane and sanding bar along the LE corners and I have joined the two sides. The original instructions call for raising one wing 1 1/4" at the first tip rib while the revised plans call for raising it the same height about three inches inboard at the double rib - effectively increasing the amount of dihedral . I followed the revised plan.

Next is the three part center rib and dihedral braces.
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DIY FPV Diversity Ground Station (6 min 3 sec)

I've been slowly getting into FPV flying, especially for "Long(er) range" flights, as I've been adding components, I found that I needed to organise the various components so that it was less hassle to hook it all up, and to extend the antenna outside the original "Cardboard box" that was essentially the "Sun-shade".

untill I decide on which "true Diversity" monitor I'll purchase in the new year, I've opted to use my old OTG-FPV dongle with an android device, and a Skyzone RC500 monitor...

Since starting into this project I've learned that there are SMA and RP-SMA connectors, and it's handy to have a supply of each connector in both Male and Female on hand... once I determine which is the more common standard of the two, that'll be the standard that I'll adopt for all my FPV gear... though at this point it looks like it'll be a mix of the two.
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I have a few UMX foam model airplanes i really like. Being fragile to handle, they could use a few touch-ups. I am in the spirit of flying (and could use something to get my mind off of Holiday Stress) so i decided to have a look at them

1) UMX Carbon Cub SS: This is like my old UM Sport Cub S on steriods. Popular, expensive, sought after, and discontinued.
It has a BL motor, runs on 2S LiPo, and has a few 'large model features' such as Flaps and lights. It is very stable in zero wind and crawls along like magic then.
(It can handle some light wind, but is enjoyed in still wind)

Stock wheels had been set aside for larger DuBro lightweight wheels. They ended up being too thin with too large a hole--they were sloppy on this model.
I have replaced the DuBro's with stock. Before replacement, i colored the stock rims black. Now they match the plane better

I also replaced the gray plastic 'LG side plates.' I broke them off in a crash (after msjudging windy loops). I had to use clear tape to hold them on but do not mind. It looks complete now & i won't notice the tape during flight.

This plane has been crashed again into my wife. And i think another time as well. It actually looks okay despite having survived 3 wrecks. Comng down on the LG obviously helped.
I have seen gnarly results from other pilots... one pilot nearly totaled his (plane not wife). My wrecks are on YouTube

There is a 'Beats by Dr. dre' sticker on the Cub that matches quite well....Continue Reading
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#1 - How To Fly an ACRO DRONE for a Beginner from a Beginner (6 min 22 sec)

Learn to fly acro mode for a beginner is an hard task: no GPS, no Gyroscope, only you and the drone. So, How to fly an acro drone ? This is the first issue of an acro mode flying tips series teached from a complete beginner. Learn to fly a drone racer in acro mode can be easy...just follow me


FPV Freerider:



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Halloa people

sooo.. what are your experiences with Hubsan? Maybe you've never had one eventhough they Are pretty popular To me Hubsan is a value brand in the entry-level quad flying arena.. All Hubsan quads I've flown required only a minimum of prior knowlidge of quads, at a reasonable price..

Recently they released their X4 Jet, which is aimed at people that would like to have a go at that FPV drone flying, but who don't want to build and/or think that the Betaflight stuff will just be to complicated for them..
Hubsan will probably tell you something ellse, but I think this quad really is Only for people that haven't FPV-ed before...

Link to this new quad: Hubsan H123D X4 Jet - RTF Brushless FPV Quad

I'll be publishing a couple of video's on this quad.. To start things.. here is my detailed Show & Tell of it:

Hubsan H123D X4 Jet! Good First Brushless FPV Drone? P1: Presentation (25 min 24 sec)

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Skyzone T600 5.8G 600mW 32CH AV Transmitter

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FeiYu Tech WGS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal for GoPro Hero4 Session

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Hi Pilots,

I just got myself a Super Cub S and a dx6e transmitter as my first plane and hoping to get some help here.

The binding is fine but the control surface throws are minimal- upelevator 10 degrees, downelevator almost 0 degrees, left and right rudder less than 10 degrees and unequal in either direction.

Is this normal? the hobbyzone guys are saying since it is a beginner model the control surface throws are limited. But I can hardly steer left and right even while taxing on the ground.

Can you please help/share your dx6e transmitter setting?
Thanks in advance.