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SJCAM SJ10 Pro Video Resolutions & Full Product Description:

Since we weren't able to find a comprehensive list of SJ10 Pro's video resolutions and bitrates on the SJCAM website, we will list them out here in this blog for those who are interested in the SJ10pro.

Supported SJ10 Pro Video Resolutions:


4k UItra(3840*2160)24/30fps






Video Loop durations: 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes

SJ10 Pro Photo Resolutions:

12MP (4000*3000 4:3)

10MP (3648*2736 4:3)

8MP (3840*2160 16:9)

8MP (3264*2448 4:3)

5MP (2592*1944 4:3)

3MP (2048*1536 4:3)

2MP (1920*1080 16:9)

Video format: MP4

Photo format: JPG

Video Bitrate:

4K/60fps High quality 100Mbps Standard 60Mbps Economical 50Mbps

4K/30fps High quality 60Mbps Standard 40Mbps Economic 30Mbps

2.7K/30fps High quality 52Mbps Standard 34Mbps Economic 24Mbps

1080/60fps High quality 36Mbps Standard 30Mbps Economical 24Mbps

1080/30fps high quality 30Mbps standard 24Mbps Economic 18Mbps

720/240fps High quality 36Mbps Standard 30Mbps Economic 24Mbps

Video modes: video, loop video, slow video, video / photograph, car dashcam mode

Photo mode: photo, interval photo, continuous photo

Exposure mode: automatic, manual

White...Continue Reading
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This is what the new products about:
Beta95X V2 Whoop Quadcopter(HD Digital VTX) - the pusher whoop drone with HD digital VTX you have been waiting for! Especially combined with Insta360 GO, you can achieve all FPV freestyle tricks easily like diving but still keep your footage impossibly smooth. Featuring the highly popular inverted drone frame, the center of gravity is right in the middle of the drone, pilots can control the drone better in flight. What's more, Beta95X V2(HD Digital VTX) equipped with Nebula Nano Kit, perfectly supports the DJI FPV goggles. BTW, we provide the camera mount for the Customized Naked Camera, so you can replace it if you need it.
Event here:
Activity 1: 10% Off on Beta85X/95X V2 & Insta360 GO
Activity 2: 1$ to Get a Case V2 for Naked Camera
Activity 3: Gift for BETAFPV 2020 Video Contest

Activity details
Bundle Promotion: 10% off for the first 50 sets(1 BNF + 1 Insta360 GO)
Specify BNF: Beta95X V2 HD Digital VTX, Beta95X V2 and Beta85X V2
Discount Limited: Each customer can only buy one set.
⏱Activity Time: Begin on 15th August at 00:00 (UTC+12).
⏱End Time: Only for the first 50 sets, then the price will be restored.
��Discount Code: No code, add the bundle to save 10%.

Noticed: Only for the first 50 sets(1 BNF + 1 Insta360 GO). Repeat purchases will only ship 1 set.
Friendship tips: Please pay attention to the time(15th August at 00:00 (UTC+12)), only for the first 50 sets, first come first served.
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HRB Graphene need dealer
if you are interested, please feel free to contact me.
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This product makes you safer.
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12years experience in OEM brushless motors for top brand RC model with professional quality .

LD-POWER motor are well-know and win good reputations in RC-model area because of the high quality, smooth flight, long life

All motors use NMB bearing, 0.2 iron laminations, 42 precision process. Reading
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LD-POWER Technology is a private Hi-Tech company which is found in April of 2010, and has got the ISO9001:2000 certificate of quality control system.

We engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling brushless motors with 15,00 square meters workshop. Strictly quality control and supervision on the manufacturing process guarantee all the products to meet the standard of required technology.

LD-power motor covers Rc airplane , copter, UAV, gimbal, car,truck and boat. Providing OEM and ODM service for customer. The excellent quality and efficiency could lead to be the superior brushless motor supplier in the world.

Our goal: To be the best reliable brushless motor supplier in Rc mode, UAV copter, franchiser, and hobbiyst.

Welcome to visit our factory. Your suggestion will be welcomed!

•Trustworthiness: we've got ISO9001 quality control certification;

•Expert: foucs on designing and producing brushless motors for 10 years;

•Full experience of OEM/ODM service;

•Reliable: excellent motor supplier of 85% famous RC-models brand in domestic market;

•Quality: high quality RC-model motors only;

•Service: owning high efficiency and strict core team;

•Our goal: To be the best reliable brushless motor supplier in Rc mode, UAV copter, franchiser, and hobbiyst.

Strong R&D Group

The 1st to develop Micro gimbal motor for Gopro camera
The 1 st to develop power system for the beginners
The 1st to develop the copter motor with competitive price and remarkable quality
The 80% gimbal motors are produced by LD-power technology
OEM/ ODM for special requirements
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My Ringmaster liked my new stooge so much that it took one of it's cushions for a ride.

No issues other than I was afraid to pull any maneuvers for fear of flinging the foam tube out in the rain-soaked soybeans, and not seeing where it landed. I was NOT in a mood to go searching out there.

So, I just flew out it's 12-minute+ fuel supply---circle---after circle---after circle---think there's a spot worn smooth in the asphalt...

Finally, all the Sig 10% burned up and the Ringer glided to a landing, with it's bit of ballast rolling up behind it.
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I'm not a Castle guy, but I wanted braking for my F3A plane and a friend told me Castle has that capability in their ESCs. So I tried one out and thought I'd give a software tour of the programmer and log graphing software:

EXCELLENT: Castle Creations Castle Link Software Tour • Data Logging and Graphing Demo • RC Plane (19 min 4 sec)

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Just out tooling around with my little Skylark after the Leopard 2835 1350Kv motor upgrade. This is a very good little plane and I still enjoy flying it:

Skylark Sport Flying with Leopard 2835 1350Kv Motor Upgrade and APC 9x4.5 prop. (3 min 43 sec)

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My name is Kristen. I am 36 years old and I live in Circleville, Ohio. I have been married 9 years to my hubby Wes. We have no children but we love to travel here in the states. We're hoping to visit Germany in a few years! It is the home of the Circleville Pumpkin Show. It's basically a 4 day event featuring pumpkins. They sell different pumpkin foods as well as regular fair food. We have a local German restaurant that sets up (Schmidt's) a booth as well. They have a giant pumpkin weight in, 7 parades, rides, etc. It's worth checking out in October.

I am interested in drones as well as my husband. We aren't interested in racing them but being able to take them somewhere that is abandoned or even when my friends and I are ghost hunting (which we love). I have recently visited family and my brother races remote control cars which looked pretty cool!

Feel free to leave a message and say hi. I do know fellow member cmulder (Christian) but it's been 20 years and we've never met in person!
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In this video we will cover Logical Switches Top to Bottom. The primary goal is to explain every logical switch function and to show how those functions work. In order to gain a complete understanding, you must also fully understand the sources list which is covered as well from top to bottom.

OpenTx: Complete Guide to Logical Switches ● Every Function Explained ● OpenTx Beginners (20 min 28 sec)

When you've made it through this video, you will understand what logical switch functions do which puts you in a position to exploit one of the key capabilities of OpenTx radios.

Like your dad used to say, "take your medicine..." When this is over, you will feel better.
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IRCHA bound last weekend. Anyone else make it to IRCHA this Year? Definitely nothing like last Year due to the Pandemic. But still a good time to be had. The Blade 480 Fusion is pretty cool especially 4 going at once. Tried to upload the Video and it won't. Oh well. Someone was lucky enough to win one in a Raffle that day as well. Also got a free T-Shirt from the nice Gentleman at RC Bearings Tent. :-) Was supposed to Test out my Weekender as well but due to Technical difficulties it didn't happen at this time. Soon though. :-)
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RadioMaster TX16S 16CH Multi-Protocol OpenTX Transmitter - Review Part 3 - Tips & Conclusion!

RadioMaster TX16S Transmitter

Volantex Sport Cub 500

Eachine Mini Mustang P51D

Eachine Mini F4U Corsair

Eachine Mini T-28 Trojan

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

I have been contemplating getting one of the Jumper Transmitters for about a year now but I just couldn't work it into my budget.
Well, now I have one Courtesy of Banggood to Test and Review ;-)
I want to thank Banggood for sending this Transmitter for Review.
One Transmitter to Rule Them all!

Here are links to the PDF File of my Setup for the Eachine Mini P51D Mustang in Letter & A4 Format:

Here is a link to my Model Files for the Eachine Mini Mustang, Corsair, & Volantex Sport Cub 500:

RadioMaster TX16S Downloads Page:

RadioMaster Thingiverse page:

OpenTX 2.2 Manual:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #Jumper #JumperTX #RadioMaster #RadioMasterTX #RadioMasterTX16S

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Above. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

Consider Supporting Our Channel by becoming a Patron at:
Patrons of the Channel will have Exclusive access to Aircraft Plans & Content!

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Hello good people!

Like the title says, it was a nose-in from 4 feet onto soft grass.

This happened back on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 at my RC Club and during a 2nd flight focus on landing. I was steady with the controls, especially Elevator control and without moving the stick, it just dived from 4 feet off the deck. Motor stick (8 mm X 10mm) was busted and right inboard top wing sustained a crack / rip. Propeller didn't break (GWS Slow Flyer 8 X 6).

Post crash (hard landing) investigation was undetermined as you all know during a good whack into a nose first crash the Elevator servo usually gets damaged. Well, the strange thing was after making air-frame repairs I took off the wing assembly from the FUSE and tried out the electronics while connecting the battery and observed the Elevator servo making this awful buzzing sound. After you moved the Elevator stick on the Transmitter was when it quit the buzzing and servo moved correctly to both directions.

I went ahead and changed out the 72-Mhz Castle Creations BERG 4-Channel receiver for the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT combo as this is in my opinion the best receiver that Horizon has ever made and wanted rock solid control from now on with my beloved and long discontinued GWS pico Tiger Moth. Even after I replaced RX to the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT, the Elevator servo continued it's buzzing and this time it was not until I turned ON my Spektrum first generation DX7se (Special Edition) that supports 11milli-second frame...Continue Reading
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Just quickly Banggood are clearing out the Eachine Novice II ready to fly kit that includes the toothpick-style quad, controller, FPV Goggles and batteries for only $100. That is crazy cheap. Link is here: Eachine Novice-II 1-2S 2.5 Inch FPV Racing Drone RTF

Another good clearance product is the 3 inch ultralight diatone GTB329 at only $99. Again, this looks like a clearance price. Link is here: Diatone GTB 329 Pro Cube AIO 122mm 3 Inch 2S FPV Racing Drone

More deals here

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base model:Nichimo I-19 1/200 scale
RC conversion

伊19 ニチモ1/200 IJN I-19 (3 min 16 sec)

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CNHL Black Series 1500mAh 14.8V 4S 100C Lipo Battery XT60 Plug for RC Drone FPV Racing
CNHL Black Series 1300mah 22.2V 6S 100C Lipo Battery XT60 Plug for RC Drone FPV Racing

CNHL LiPo Battery Black Series 1300mAh 6s / 1500mAh 4s. Полный обзор и тест аккумулятор&#1086 (14 min 5 sec)

CNHL LiPo Battery Black Series 1300mAh 6s
CNHL LiPo Battery Black Series 1500mAh 4s
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This is my new built a modified 40% Slowly V2. The previous was fun but motor did not like to many crashes so i build a modified version training inspired by the Micron wings Student Flyer.

Wings and landing gear were reused from previous Slowly. I added some CF reinforcement at the front . I used dollar tree foams and plate foam.

Here a video:
Front yard RC plane -Modified Slowly V2 (40%) - 8 Year old Pilot (1 min 36 sec)

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Learning to fly 3D and doing the stick time to get me there:
Learning to Fly 3D First Flights - HobbyKing MX2 EPP 3D RC Plane (7 min 39 sec)

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Hi we finally meet you guys! A bunch of props release now!!
Floppy Proppy5135
Hurricane JB51477 collaboration with Joshua Bardwell
D63(2.5 inch 3 blades cinewhoop)
D76(3 inch 5 blades cinewhoop)
Floppy Proppy6030

Available on some Shops! Check here

FPV Cycle…/gemfan-hurric...5-props-2cw-2…
Good Venture Drones LLC…




FPV Race Store

𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗭𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗱



𝗖𝘇𝗲𝗰𝗵 𝗥𝗲𝗽𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗰