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Posted by Jim T. Graham | May 25, 2007 @ 08:14 PM | 25,110 Views
The Memphis Pro Bro is always fun and this year was a real blast. We have had weather issues in the past but this year the weather was great. I also enjoyed the fact that Memphis is only a 3 hour drive for me. This year I went "old skool" and brought all my profiles from 2003. It was cool to get them going again and flying them in the mass hover but it also reminded me how far 3D designs have come. I was in the Hell wagon so it was even better (Dr. Pepper, Full Throttle, guitars, peanuts and sausage biscuits any time I wanted ).

I got in Friday afternoon in time to do some flying before the sun went down. I pitted next to the SEMNET crew and they made sure I had the right attitude for the event. After a BBQ at Jack01's house some of us hustled back to the field for night flying. Since we were in the middle of nowhere I thought it was the perfect time to try something I have always wanted to do...get a guitar amp out, turn it up to 11 and play loud while everyone flew. I don't know how everyone else liked it but I LOVED it!

Saturday was just about perfect, warm and no wind. I think we had 32 planes in the mass hover. I had the Knife profile out for this one. The first crash the Knife ever had was at this same field in 2003 and this was the last field the Knife crashed in. Very appropriate and fitting for the Knife. She is officially retired now. All the Bros had time to fly as well as move around and talk to other Bros.

Sunday everyone got a flight or 4...Continue Reading
Posted by Jim T. Graham | May 03, 2007 @ 11:31 AM | 24,684 Views
There is nothing like a fun RC event to make you appreciate the hobby. I went to SEFF in years past with my friends from Hobby Lobby. That was back in the day when electrifying a .40 size 3D plane was weird and expensive. At this years SEFF full tilt 35% 3D ships were no big deal. Things have changed fast for the electric RC pilot.

SEFF is more than just about the planes though, it is about the people. Everyone was in a good mood and ready to have a good time. You could feel it in the air and that is what will entice us all to drive 8 hours after working all week. It was a great time

John Seaton and I did our best to cover as much as we could with the video camera. I have been putting up videos all week and there are still more to come. I want to thank Hobby Lobby in a big way. It was great to hang out with my old friends and the photo coverage they provided was great. I think Kevin got the "vibe" of the event.

The demos are always exciting. Chris from Extreme Flight was pulling off some "heart attacks" that had the crowd cheering but the real show was Team JR. They had over 40 planes in their demo. The choreographing it took to get all those planes in the air was just as entertaining as the demo and lucky for you guys we video taped the whole thing.

I drove around Americus and saw the tornado damage. It looked more like someone came in and leveled parts of the town. It was really hard to imagine the destruction. Over $13,000 was raised at...Continue Reading