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The quadcopter is a product that is no longer unfamiliar to us, and more and more scenes are applied to the quadcopter in daily life. However, during the development of the quadcopter, battery life has always been a big problem. After all, the theoretical endurance time of the quadcopter is so few tens of minutes, which is completely unsatisfactory. As we all know, most of the batteries used in the current quadcopter products are lithium batteries. Although there are also methods such as solar energy, oil power, and oil-electricity hybrid, they each have their own disadvantages.

However, with the release of the world's first hydrogen-fueled multi-rotor quadcopter, this problem seems to be solved.

This new four-axis aircraft HYDrone-1800 jointly developed by the strong cooperation between Corbett and Black Shark Company uses a hydrogen fuel cell with more mature technology and more stable performance as the endurance, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also lasts up to 273 minutes. , About 4 hours, far longer than the battery life of other quadcopters on the market.

So, what is hydrogen fuel? Hydrogen fuel generally refers to liquid hydrogen fuel. The energy released by burning one gram of hydrogen is 142 kilojoules, which is three times the calorific value of gasoline. Moreover, the product after the combustion of hydrogen fuel is water, and the pollution to the environment is zero. At present, the application of hydrogen fuel at home and abroad is...Continue Reading
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Today, everyone is very concerned about health. Whether it is going out to wear a bracelet, a pedometer, or taking a mobile phone to record the number of walking steps, it has become a lifestyle of many people. So how does the pedometer work? In mobile phone bracelets, a very small chip is usually used-a three-axis acceleration sensor. This three-axis acceleration sensor is a key component of the pedometer. The principle and application of the acceleration sensor are introduced below.

The principle of the acceleration sensor:
Through this acceleration sensor, you can measure the acceleration of the mobile phone or the bracelet in three different directions. By calculating the acceleration value, you can roughly measure the number of steps you walk. Smaller power consumption but lower accuracy

There is a special material called piezoelectric ceramic material. The acceleration sensor prepared by this material can produce different deformations according to the force acting on it, and can produce different voltage changes. The acceleration is measured by the force acting on it, and then the acceleration is used to determine in which direction a person is moving when walking, or the frequency.

Application of various types of structural acceleration sensors
Let's understand the application of these four acceleration sensors in vibration and shock measurement.

Piezoelectric acceleration sensor

A piezoelectric acceleration sensor is a spontaneous sensor whose...Continue Reading