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Posted by VonClez | Oct 31, 2019 @ 12:30 AM | 3,136 Views
Help please, I have been trying to fix this for a while now!! I cannot get this STX225 to ARM. Tx and Rx are communicating, everything is working great in the BF receiver tab, all Quad flight directions channels 1- 4, arming switch, and 3 position switch, all are functioning on screen. Until I plug in the battery, then BF receiver options cut out to 1500 on #1 3 and #4 Throttle goes to 885, nothing is working. I never lose power, just communication with Rx. I am getting the same response when connected only to a battery. I can test the motors in BF just fine but not from the Tx. I am getting 3 beeps from the FC after standard motor sounds. Which Im taking as RXLOSS. Setup for PPM receiver with NO serial ports assigned. Not sure if I am missing something, a stick command from the Turnigy or a BF setting. The quad makes the same beep pattern via USB or Battery. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

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