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Posted by mmcisleader | Nov 29, 2019 @ 02:07 AM | 2,563 Views
Electric power, agriculture, rescue ... In recent years, drones are quietly spreading in all walks of life. In addition to daily operations, these fast, intelligent and brave drones also play a unique role in coping with various disasters and shoulder more and more social responsibilities.

Every year in the rainy season, news about floods is seen. Floods are dangerous and block rescues. Drones that ignore terrain restrictions can play an unexpected role at this time. On September 4, 2018, at a rescue camp in Ponnani, a flood-affected area in India, a Chinese-made multi-rotor drone brought a copy of Shifa's birth certificate lost in the flood and safely transported it to the roof of the local residents. The local government also used Chinese drones to carry professional payloads to assess the extent of the disaster in the area after the flood.

There are many similar things in China: In July 2017, Hongfeng, Hunan Province, transited, and a 96-year-old was trapped in his home. The local reporter being interviewed successfully found and located its location using a drone. Finally, the rescue team successfully rescued him in an assault boat.

In June 2018, heavy rainfall in Sichuan caused the water level of the Minjiang River to skyrocket, and 143 workers were trapped on an isolated island, with scarce supplies and water. The local call for agricultural plant protection drones to deliver food and other necessary supplies to the trapped people. Three drones used the "...Continue Reading
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As winter temperatures gradually decrease, power supply security becomes even more important. On November 25th, the transmission and inspection personnel of the State Grid Changji Power Supply Company used drones in the Fangcao Lake area to complete a total of 127 base pole towers for the 220 kV Zhaoyang Substation 110 kV Yanghai First Line and the 110 kV Yanghai Second Line. Winter power inspection.

It is understood that with the continuous expansion of the power grid of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, the number of new 110-kilovolt and 220-kilovolt transmission lines has been increasing, and the length of the lines has increased from a few hundred kilometers to more than 6,700 kilometers now. With the increase of hidden damage caused by external forces and the increasing difficulty of management, transmission and operation management is facing difficulties such as insufficient line inspection capabilities and backward inspection management methods. It is difficult to meet the needs of power grid development in actual work based on the traditional model of manual inspection.

In recent years, with the company's continuous deepening of the comprehensive application of intelligent technology in the field of transmission line operation and maintenance, Changji's transmission line inspection work has shifted from the original manual inspection to manual plus drone inspection operations, which is more standardized, High-quality inspection methods have significantly...Continue Reading
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In order to fight against the comprehensive management of the Bohai Sea and increase its deterrent to illegal sewage discharge at sea, the Dalian Maritime Safety Administration recently launched the first drone maritime cruise supervision activity, using a combination of drone cruise, remote monitoring and on-site inspection. Comprehensively grasp the dynamics of maritime pollution sources to prevent air pollution and water pollution caused by illegal discharge of ships at sea.

In recent years, China‘s maritime supervision has become increasingly complicated. The maritime task of combating illegal sewage is getting heavier and heavier. Relying on existing equipment such as sea cruisers has not been able to meet the needs of today’s three-dimensional integration of “sea, land and air”. New equipment and means are urgently needed to strengthen supervision and effective control of the waters under its jurisdiction. As a modern remote-control aircraft, drones have gradually matured in technology and have been widely used in military and civilian fields. Due to the characteristics of flexible maneuvering, high timeliness, low cost, low loss, low risk, strong monitoring ability, and wide coverage, it is very suitable for the supervision of water affairs. The maritime system is equipped with drones, which is effectively combined with patrol ships, VTS, AIS, LRIT and other supervision systems, which can promote the construction of a safety supervision system featuring "...Continue Reading
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As a high-tech product, drones have applications in many fields, such as aerial photography, surveying and mapping, plant protection spraying irrigation, cruise and so on. In order to ensure its endurance and load capacity, the drone housing must be lightweight and high-strength. In the beginning, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, engineering plastics, and other materials were selected. The carbon fiber drone housing gradually replaced them with its excellent performance.
Metal materials such as aluminum alloys and titanium alloys are high in strength but heavy in weight, resulting in small drone loads and short battery life. In military applications, metal materials also reflect radar signals to form secondary bands, which is very unfavorable. Carbon fiber drone housings are light in weight, high in strength, and effective in electromagnetic shielding, which can make up for these shortcomings.
To reduce the weight of the drone, we also need to consider reducing the number of parts. The carbon fiber drone housing adopts an integrated molding process, which can reduce about 60% of parts and components, and eliminates the assembly step. During the flight of the drone, it may encounter situations such as collision or scraping of branches, and small parts such as screws are extremely easy to fall, affecting flight. The carbon fiber drone housing is integrally formed to avoid this situation, and due to high specific strength and specific rigidity, the chip can be well...Continue Reading