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Posted by BigRHS | Nov 04, 2019 @ 01:30 PM | 1,976 Views
Here are some pics of my drone fleet.
I am just getting started and on;y have 5 but I plan to expand with a couple more in the next year. I started out with RC Planes back in the mid 80's and then decided I wanted to give helicopters a try and flew those through most of the 2000"s and got the itch to give ground RC a try. I wasn't as into the ground stuff and sold and traded all of it away
Now in the last year I decided to go with drones and have to say that I love the drones ( camera drones to be specific ) more than any of the other RC hobbies I have done with maybe the exception of helicopters...........maybe.
I love the versatility of the drones. I can fly for fun and sport or take some quality video and pics if I want. I also use them to keep an eye on my land, by checking out my fences and flying over my land to see if any trees are down. I also fly over my home to check out my gutters and roof to see if there are any issues.
Things I use to have to do by either walking, climbing a ladder and riding my ATV, which I am unable to do now because of 2 back surgeries and 3 knee surgeries and I am now looking at a complete shoulder joint replacement surgery soon.
The drones allow me to do a lot of the things that I would not be able to do now and have a blast doing it !
Right now I have a total of 5 drones. First I have the Little ProPel X03 which is a great little inexpensive drone to practice your flying inside without fear of breaking most anything...Continue Reading