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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Apr 26, 2011 @ 07:36 PM | 12,076 Views
The neon colored one I found on Craigslist, I removed the four cycle it originally had in it and put a Super Tigre .45 I was selling on here back into it. Top notch flying airplane. 26 years of flying and I have never had or flown one, now I have two! The landing speed is very high but it is very stable and predictable. This was the color scheme added by prior owner so I left it because it is easy to see.

The second is another Craigslist find. It was covered in white and a heavy layer of dust from sitting in a garage for years. It did not have any control surfaces but he had another almost complete Hots kit and all of the missing stuff for this one was in the box plus enough to frame up another one. Amazingly nothing was warped and only had a couple areas inside that had been nibbled on by mice. I decided to strip the covering because it had been through too many heat up and cool down periods and was trash. I recovered it and lightened it some by drilling 1/2" holes throughout the fuselage. The rudder is modified so I can hammerhead stall it better, the neon one has limited rudder authority. It is powered by a OS 50 SX I found on Ebay. The engine head, muffler and landing gear was powder coated compliments of my employer and my boss (Thank's much Keith) and gives it a really sweet look! The orange powder coat used is the exact same shade as Monokote Orange. This airplane was finished today and after the thunderstorms and tornado warnings are lifted I am heading to...Continue Reading
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Apr 05, 2011 @ 11:11 AM | 14,909 Views
I got this at the Toledo Show this year and have it ready to fly(about 10 minutes). The airplane has been clocked by prior owner at 135mph. I cannot wait to crank up the OS 120 AX that is shoe-horned into the cowl and fly the dust off this thing. Servos are JR 821's and it has a 2700mah battery to extend flight time. I traded my Sundowner 100 minus the engine for this so I can get it to the field in one piece, hopefully I bring it back home in one piece!...Continue Reading