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Moving sucks..............

Well I recently got moved from San Diego, CA. to Whidbey Island, WA. In the process many of my planes were damaged by so call Professional movers. Since then I set up a new workshop and started repairing and building again. Check back to see new pic's of planes in the works etc.

Have a good one Mo.
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Finally got this site up and running. Trying to add a forum and proper blog software but since it's being hosted by the lame I'm having a terrible time getting the software configured. Don't use these guys if you want to do anything interesting with your website. I'll be getting a new host ASAP.
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Meet my folks.......
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scale 1/5
front and rear suspension with 1/10 car oil shocks.
front susp. telelever system like some full scale BMW motorcycles
telelever arm made from magnesium
rear susp. pro-link progressive linkage
single sided swing arm, mv-agusta style-chain adjustment by excenter
front brake disc (stainless steel) mounted on rim as known from Buell bikes
floating front brake caliper
epoxy/glass fiber brake pads
OS Max 21 engine with custom exhaust
main frame monotube style made from 30x30mm aluminium profile
engine mount subframe: 1.5mm stainless steel sheet
rear frame made from 5mm magnesium sheets
fairing: something between bimota 666 and BMW RS1200R
tires: GRP soft
gear calculated for 90 km/h @ 30.000 RPM
fuel tank: 75ml from traxxas 1/10 car
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Yesterday, I did not know what a blog was (Probably something slimy living in the kitchen sink?) today I got one! Man, that's progress - you can't stop it.

Wonder what I can do with this blog? Can I show pictures to others? How much memory may I chew up before the webmaster will close my blog? How do other users find out about what's in my blog, and about the fact that it exists at all?

Until I learned more about that, there will probably not be much traffic around this place ...

See you in the forum,

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Anybody know for sure?? Lest try this thing out....
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Black Eagle weekend Volksrust, South-Africa
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Cannot upload video
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Winter is coming to a close and every time I see water, or the evenings hush to a dull roar of dead-calm nothingness... I keep thinking I need another amphibian to commit flight and reprise efforts put into Twinkle.

For the longest time I've needed to build a classic looking thing-of-fancy (not scale at all), and more recently it's been of a float plane amphib configuration. The idead also flirt every now and then with it being a canard. Over time it will probably take on a few configurations based on the classic fuselage theme with common parts and construction style. But for now... here's where my thoughts are for...

...the Floaterline Special
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Well, it's time for the Stereo Picture of the Week!

The picture below was taken on Wednesday of this week as I was trying to get a stereo pair of birds for the current contest. I did get one pair, but I'm going to try again before the contest period is up. So, at least I will have an entry.

The picture below is a self portrait taken from the CN2X AP Platform , which mounts two Aiptek PenCam SDs, triggered by a switch made by Roger Mihara. It was taken at the slope soaring site in Pinole, CA. It is a prominent hill that can be seen from Interstate 80 near the Pinole Valley Road exit, and has two slopes: one that can be flown with the wind from West to WNW, and another that works for South to SW. There is also terrain that produces some pretty strong thermals, so it's fun. The best part is that it is only about 10 minutes from work, so lunchtime flying is possible.

A note about viewing these pictures: The one that has the pictures side-by-side is a cross-eyed picture. In order to see the stereo effect, you need to cross your eyes until you see three images. The one in the middle will show the stereo effect. The image with the funny colors that looks blurry in spots in an Anaglyph. To view these, you need the glasses that have red for the left eye and aqua (blue-green) for the right eye. Some people find it easier to view anaglyphs, but obviously, it loses the color in the process.
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Always interested in hearing from others who might be flying this plane. I have three of them, all of which are flying.

They don't call me Elfi Flyer for nothing!!


Update, 07/2012:

Yup, another Elfi added to the fleet. This one was donated by someone who wanted a good home for his Elfi, which had been damaged. Elfi #4 was given a brushless upgrade, similar to the other Elfi's. #4 now flys very quick, and has a ton of power on tap. Elfi's will always remain my favorite plane. If you are an Elfi fan, please keep in touch!!


...Continue Reading
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At the time of this picture I think the plane count was 12 two are duplicates.
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This is my pize heli, It is a JR Ergo46, with carbon frame, ccpm setup, digital servos, O.S. max 46, and a century Agusta 109 body kit. This is a smooth flying heli.Noember 2004 to decommisioned mechanics in June 2007.
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This was my next heli and first bodied heli.