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This is an amazing 1/8th scale truck and you can pick it up from GB's US-LA Warehouse for $309 shipped free (US Warehouse will remain open and will be processing orders during the Chinese New Year Celebration). It's also available for $286 from their China Warehouse. Purchase links are in the video's description. Overall, I LOVE this truck. It is so fast and powerful and built extremely well. Also, spare parts are readily available in the USA and they are dirt cheap.

DHK Maximus 1/8th Brushless RTR 50mph truck Review (20 min 32 sec)

Posted by OilFlyOne | Feb 09, 2018 @ 01:32 PM | 8,137 Views
I have had the Mini Drake Built up now for Several Weeks and Must say Drake has some very Impressive Kits,, The tracking on the Mini and Speed is very Impressive, and I used all the recommended, Electronics!! I decided against using Paint and used the Carbon Fiber Sheet To accent the wing Prior to Laminating. No Fear after the Maiden of Adding my Spare Vector Mini to Send this one out! Only Other Mods Made,, I used the Boopido Wing Joiners which allows me to break the bird Down and travel through tight Rough Terran Should the day ever Come !! Very Impressed and will invest more in the Future with Mr. Drake!
Posted by marblekit | Feb 09, 2018 @ 01:05 PM | 4,960 Views
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While waiting for my P51D Fakefest short kit, I banged out another PSS to "season" my new work area... I have a whole 2 car garage now, set up to work in, now that I have moved up the coast to Nipomo. I started out with a 1980's vintage Cliffhanger brand AT6 kit. The fuselage was the only thing I used. I had to reinforce it heavily, as it was the typical 2 piece heavily pinholed polyester resin lay up affair. I cut a new full span "amigo" style set of cores using the time tested RG14 7.5 airfoil. The wing uses 1/32 sheeting with glass covering, while the tail is hard balsa sandwiched on 1/64" ply, also glassed via vac bag. Servos are standard size Tactic brand using 4/40 control with 1/8" music wire torque rods.

I modeled the AT 6 "War Dog" that is frequently scene at airshows around the U. S. A. and used some of Callie Graphics vinyl to finish it out. Paint is Rustoleum with a spritz of clear to finish it off. It came out to AUW of about 70oz, so it will take a slope with solid lift to make it go. ...Continue Reading
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I started cutting and trial fitting the Tamiya Hop-Up interior to the Pajero. It looks awesome even unpainted.

Next action is to order some paint; I use ” in Borås, Sweden and will use Tamiya XF paints.

Plan. Overalls yellow, harnesses blue, helmets white and a black background. White would be more accurate but it will not look good. Undecided about white, yellow or black roll cage so far.

I have never painted an interior before so next is youtube and reading up on painting tips.
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I got my axial scx10 2 on Wednesday my wife picked it up for me
Posted by snowdragan | Feb 09, 2018 @ 11:45 AM | 2,537 Views
I now have my Viking ready to fly and have spark to the motor but I dont know what fuel to use for a spark plug with this motor any help out there!
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Akk eio DVR fpv camera first test indoors (1 min 32 sec)

Ok my first test of the akk EIO recorded directly on the camera on sd card.
Look pretty good , no lag in the fpv footage that I could tell.
Picture quality is ok, better on the recorded video than the YouTube upload, guess yt reduced quality quite a bit there for some reason.
Light handing was ok, but as all these camera struggled a little with the direct sunlight streaming in through the windows but still very flyable.
I will upload more soon.
Name: IMG_20180103_124522.jpg
Views: 41
Size: 1.40 MB
Description: on right is a bs2 aio camera so you can see this is not much bigger.
Find it at
Use my affiliate link to buy anything else it would appreciated and won't cost you a penny more
Currently only £12 but normally only £15 odd anyway so absolute bargain in my book.

Here is the same video but via Vimeo because youtube compressed and messed up the video so much I thought I better show it in a better light.
PICT0026 (1 min 32 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Freewing 90mm F-4D Phantom II

The time has come! Developed in tandem alongside last summer’s Project Virtue (80mm A-4 Skyhawk), Project Bond was our codename for Freewing’s first F-4 Phantom. With the 64mm and 80mm series stocked with recent aircraft from the Vietnam era, we set out to bring it all home with a big 90mm F-4. We know many of us have been waiting for the venerable Rhino to get the proper Motion RC treatment, and we know you’ll enjoy flying the final result!

Aviation enthusiasts have long loved the F-4 Phantom, and Freewing and Motion RC are extremely proud to introduce our 90mm Super Scale Series rendition of this ultimate warfighter! For more than 50 years, the F-4 Phantom delivered the versatile capabilities required of an all-weather frontline supersonic interceptor, fighter-bomber, SEAD, and reconnaissance platform. Less than a year after its retirement from US military service, keep the F-4 Phantom flying in your RC fleet!

RC fans have consistently requested a large F-4 in true PNP format that performs excellently out of the box without endless modifications. We developed this F-4 to deliver reliability, durability, and performance from your very first flight, supported by Freewing’s parts availability and Motion RC’s customer service should you ever need it. We can also confidently state that dependable grass operation is a hallmark of the Freewing 90mm F-4. With its wide stance, tall main tires, Oleo suspension nose strut and...Continue Reading
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My latest build a 67" Carl Goldberg Edge 540 with a Saito FA 1.20 turning a 16x8.


Posted by racedouge1 | Feb 09, 2018 @ 02:42 AM | 10,996 Views
The closest shave ever...Ain't no Harry's in that.
Posted by racedouge1 | Feb 09, 2018 @ 02:37 AM | 10,898 Views
Did I mention that top drive is the absolute worst thing ever devised in aeromodelling...
Posted by old4570 | Feb 09, 2018 @ 02:16 AM | 3,445 Views
Now besides RC and Photography my other hobby is flashlights .
So I hope you enjoy this review , and do watch the video as this flashlight is a small hand held Sun ! ( Well )
The SupFire M6 was sent for review by Fasttech,com ( They also do competitive prices on RC )

...Continue Reading
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I'm interested in model tugs. My first attempt at a model boat was an Artisan Latina 'Amsterdam'. As soon as it was finished I thought "I could do that, myself", and I started scratch building in 1/50 scale.

I like interesting and unique tugs – the type of boats that you don't find as kit sets.

Attached are a few that I've build over the last 10 years.

This project entailed making two identical ATB (articulated tug barge) tugs – one display only, for the owners in NYC, and the other RC, for me. I started in 2008 and it took 4 years to complete them both. Making two identical models at once has both advantages and disadvantages. After making something for one boat I'd usually find a quicker, better way to make the second but it was very repetitive. I lost steam several times although I'm happy with how they eventually turned out.

I have a full build log over at if your interested to see how it's possible to spin a build out for that long. Reading
Posted by TinkleWid | Feb 08, 2018 @ 09:57 PM | 3,472 Views
Does anyone have experience with camera-ball shoots, 3D camera shots or just trippy video creation?
I am starting to experiment by mishap as you can see from the video below.

I found a new spot this week and was looking forward to looking at my HD footage at home only to discover that my flights started off fine and then looked strange. The camera mount is on an adjustable swivel that rotates 360 degrees and also tilts up to an angle of 45 degrees. The screw holding the swivel had come loose and the play in the camera angle made some of the footage look unreal as the world bent around the drone and familiar flying angles were replaced with impossible but smooth curves.

It’s funny how initial disappointment can lead to new discoveries. I think I may play some more with the swivel head when I have time and maybe put another facing backwards or perhaps 2 facing sideways. Perhaps I could add a small gyroscope! Let me know what you think?

Virtual insanity - Inexpensive 3D FPV Drone Set-Up with Quelima Swivel Cam (2 min 34 sec)

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I am thinking about getting this Lipo battery charger. Any other, better chargers within about the same price range? Looking to charge 3s 3000mah lipo batteries at most. Built in AC/DC power supply please. I also want it to have discharge, cycle, storage charge, balancer, and preferably dean's connector but its not a huge deal if it doesnt.