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Posted by TeeTailPilot | Aug 27, 2021 @ 11:23 AM | 20,646 Views
Balsa USA / Laddie Mikulasko Force One and Northstar

These photos are a long time in the making. As a teenager getting into rc airplanes in the late 1980ís, I saw what must have been a Balsa USA Force One or Enforcer hanging from the ceiling of Jolly's Hobby Shop in Southtown shopping center in Bloomington, MN (anybody else remember Jolly's??) Ever since, Iíve wanted to build and fly some of Laddie Mikulasko's unique designs. Luckily, and many years later, I have a Force One and a very recently completed Northstar in my hangar.

A few years ago I found a beat-up but well-built Force One at a local auction. It was a fun project to repair and refurbish it, convert it to electric power, and give it a new Solartex covering job. I must have at least 20 flights on it now and the Force One has proven to be a fun and lively plane that can handle some pretty windy days.

I started the building the Northstar kit in the fall of 2009 and, after a lot of life events and many other excuses, I just finished and flew it for the first time this summer. I covered it with grey Oratex from Balsa USA and powered it with a 770 watt BadAss electric motor from Innov8tive Designs. What a joy it is to fly, especially after almost 12 years of anticipation. So far Iíve only flown the Northstar 3 times but I canít wait to get it in the air again.

I'll do my best to post some more info, photos, and videos of these fun planes as time allows.