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Posted by pipyro | Aug 20, 2021 @ 08:10 AM | 35,741 Views
Sounds like the ranting of a child who did not get what he wanted for Christmas, very similar. About 5 weeks ago I was flying my much loved 191/2" trojan which comes with safe ready fitted and I usually fly first to get me settled into my bigger stuff most of which was purchased from H/K all electric on our club field so not to get complaints about noise, although we can fly I/C provided it meets set decibel levels set by the club. Now being a pensioner or old git in Australian terms I forgot to secure the battery hatch which is underneath the fuselage ,sure enough 3 circuits and down it go's into the next field of unharvested barley after 2 hours of searching a lovely young lady pulls up in her car and offers to help, by the way my wife always accompanies me on my 30 year old quest to be a rc model ace, fat chance A RE YOU SITTING COMFERTIABLY AND STILL AWAKE GOOD. After her suggestion and assistance she said I should get a drone like her grandfathers with a camera fitted and being a big fan of XJETS and lover of the abuse handed out to RON and co I found H/K apparently had just the thing for a total drone beginner in the shape of the CHEERSONCX-33S TRICOPTER which I ordered from their Hong Cong BASE ,POSTAGE WAS MUCH MORE THAN THE COST OF THE DRONE. It arrived on my doorstep in 2 1/2 days thanks to FedEx outstanding service nothing but praise for this company, opened the box noticed box had signs of previous use followed instructions in the manual, camera working fine but drone acted like a wounded bird screaming and flopping a bout with no ability to fly have since found out the drone is most likely a damaged return with faulty software and 6 stripped cogs . Looked on the H/K selling site and read the comments left by previous buyers and there it seemed was my drone or its twin STILL WITH US GOOD this was my 42nd order from H/K who rates me as a platinum customer. If this is how they treat platinum A/K gullible customers then G/H lesser mortals