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Posted by Wayne Moyer | Oct 19, 2019 @ 08:24 AM | 4,352 Views
I have noticed there is a definite lack of information out there for people having tip-over and cyclic shake issues with the BNF Fusion 270. This helicopter is an amazing piece of engineering, but requires a delicate balance on the FBL to get the most out of it, or in some extreme cases, to even get it in the air.

Once properly set up, I have found it to be above average in power, agility, and stability with the stock AR636A receiver/FBL which has the added bonus of a panic/rescue function. At this time I feel I should state I am not affiliated with Horizon in any way, other than as a fan of this helicopter.

On to the nuts and bolts...

1. initial setup
I am using a turnigy 9XR PRO with an IrangeX IRX4+ 4 in 1 tx module, running ErSky9x pd4r222. You will have to translate and adapt for your tx/firmware combo. OpenTx *should* be directly compatible with my settings, but in all cases, use my advice at your own risk. I am giving this information freely, based on my own preferences, and as always, your results may vary!

I have my transmitter set up as AETR, the module does the TAER translation for me, automatically

channel 1 -110 Ail
channel 2 110 Ele
channel 3 100 Thr ID(up arrow) c1
ID- c2
ID(down arrow) c3
channel 4 -100 Rud
channel 5 -130 FULL TRN
channel 6 100 CH11 ID(up arrow) c4
100 CH11 ID-c5
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