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Posted by Black_Angel | Dec 26, 2016 @ 02:45 AM | 29,793 Views
Here is how to setup Frsky XR4 RX and Kbar using sbus: You need a sbus cable who is a servo cable. Connect sbus cable to sbus servo port on Frsky XR4 RX, be shure to connect it correctly so signal go to signal etc. In my case i only connect sbus ( servo cable) and esc bec ( ch1) to RX.

On Kbar connect the 3 cyclic servos to Ch1, ch2, ch3 ( on kbar) Then rudder servo on RD ( kbar) The sbus cable you connect to RXC on kbar. Now the hardware is ready, in Vstabi you must select Sbus on RX, and map the signals to each channel for your TX, for example Taranis in my case.

Feel free to ask if something not clear

Posted by Black_Angel | Sep 18, 2016 @ 01:13 PM | 25,962 Views
25 years ago i buy and built a rc trainer with the name coyote Olympic but i ended up never flying it..Years later i ended up as a very active glider pilot fling large glider up to near 4 meters wingspan. After some years out of rc i started up again i year ago with helies, so now i will finely get a rc motor plane build and flied.

I don't have any real flying field here, just some rough field, so its very limited what i can take of and land here, so i ended up with a Senior Telemaster, who i will build with flaps who help reduce take off and landing speed and distance.

I dowloaded Senior Telemaster plans from OuterZone, printet it on Ma lazer printer and cutted and taped the whole plans together to big full size plans.

Here is my plan for setup and some other project details:

Update: Took some photos today.. Last days i got started om one main wing also.. On last image (fuselage) i have photo some of my changes: i used carbon strips and balsa covered bottom to make fuselage stronger

UPDATE: here are some photos of ongoing building:

Telemaster Senior 95 inch Span
I buy laser cut short kit from Balsaworkbench, He is here on RCG..
My other balsa i buyed from Aliexpress Store: Magic Power Toy&Hobby Co.,Ltd

I buyed lots of sheets for 3 or more projects i planed, the i use hk Master Airscrew - Balsa Stripper to cut what i need. Its cutting upto 12mm thick sheets after i build it up to handle this.

Motor is NTM Prop Drive Series 42-58 500kv / 1300w
From Hk

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Posted by Black_Angel | Jan 26, 2015 @ 08:50 AM | 27,531 Views
My copterx BA 450...The Angel