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Posted by buzzle049 | Oct 29, 2019 @ 10:27 AM | 4,106 Views
Hi, my name is Ryan Underwood. I have been active in model airplanes more or less since I could form clear thoughts in my head. I have always been a designer/builder. Over my lifetime I have designed and built many model airplanes. I really got my start when I was stuck home with strep throat and a friendly neighbor delivered a kit to my house to give me something to do. It was a Sig Uncle Sam rubber powered stick and tissue model. Needless to say I felt much better. My dad had an old testors Spirit of '76 control line model on a shelf, and the glowplug was shot, so I saved up my lawn-mowing money and bought a blackwidow .049 to put in it and it flew successfully. I build probably a dozen 1/2a control line models and still have some of them. My uncle Bob was into RC, and at some point he gave me an old World AM radio and a great big stack of old model airplane magazines, that was a really big boost to my model airplane hobby. The first RC plane I built was a Honker Rocket that I built by redrawing it from the thumbnail plans in a RCModeler magazine. It flew successfully, and I had never with my own eyes saw a RC plane fly before. I built many 1/2a RC planes after that, and still have some of them. As I turned into a teen, the time I devoted to RC planes dwindled, I got married, had 5 kids, and the hobby was shelved for many years. I picked it up again thanks to a local hobby shop opening up, and the purchase of a GWS beaver. With time again, I expanded the hobby to include...Continue Reading