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Posted by jcmors | Jun 08, 2012 @ 03:00 PM | 9,551 Views
Well they did it again!

My wife this time, bought me a larger 4 ch coaxial heli (Art-Tech Redwolf) this past Christmas. From there I have wound up buying several FP and micro Helis the Xieda 9958 being my all time favorite thus far and more recently a Blade SR UH-1 with no end in sight. I am contemplating the thought of building a 450 kit from scratch now even before I have even begun with the SR.

I did not think I had an addictive personality, guess it just took the right stimulus to bring it out

I also now have a Phoenix RC simulator and of course spare parts for everything I own from the Art-Tech all the way up through the SR that I have yet to Maiden.

The journey has only just begun!
Posted by jcmors | Jul 31, 2011 @ 01:54 PM | 9,925 Views

Well after 25 years being tied up with life and raising a family, kids and struggles I have been plunged back into the addiction that is RC flight by my kids who bought me a Lanyu TW-747 RTF for Christmas. Little did they realize they would be starting me on the path to hobby addiction.

Though the TW-747 is an inexpensive cessna with a 27mhz 4 ch transmitter and receiver, It flies true and has enough range for me to get my feet wet again. Of course I can't stop there. I now have a Futaba 8FG Super transmitter and will be looking for my second plane for when I manage to be able to consistantly land the TW consistently in some way other than the one point landing I managed to make this morning (the one point being the nose of the aircraft)

There is so much to learn and so many exciting advances in the hobby since I was last intrigued with it. I have joined the AMA, as I consider that to be an essential first step into this hobby and am looking for a Club to join.

I live in South Dakota but I am currently in Colorado for business for the next month or two... or three... (depends on my company).

This is a really great place to explore and I have been doing lots and lots of reading up here.

I am thinking about converting the TW-747 over to a fasst compatible receiver as soon as I can determine if the BEC/ESC and servos etc will function with the new receiver installed.

So the journey begins...