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After 10 years of flying the nitro version converted to electric it sucumbed to a dumb thumb,, , I then tried the EF E-Version Outlaw of which I quickly folded in half in 3 weeks time, After a 2 year withdrawal I found a NIB " Ole Skool Nitro" version and decided to recover to a Hi-Vis color scheme and some cooling/drag imporvements for the upcoming 2020 season.........


Kobe last flight press replay button to see real-...Continue Reading
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Repowa Crak 39 Velox 43
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only two used rest are new
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When Sara and Roger Parish retired several years ago, I purchased their share (43%) of the company for $56,000.00 to keep Wren open and solvent. I also loaned the company 20,000 GBP (at the time the exchange rate equaled $34,000.00) to keep the doors open. Mike Murphy personally signed a contract for this loan, which was never honored. Little did I realize that they were in such financial trouble. So when they took a "Voluntary Liquidation", I lost all investments I had put in the company. If you watch their Face Book site...anytime someone posts a question regarding their order that has been paid for but not filled...the posts mysteriously disappear. Although I was with the company for more than 7 years, and a major shareholder, I had no say in the day to day operations of the company.
After they filled liquidation, the company changed names and reopened days later under a new name at the same address. They had listed very little inventory at the time of the liquidation, but were advertising new motors days later. I agreed to leave the company and turn over my shares if the orders that I had already been placed and paid for were honored and delivered. Otherwise I would have had to reimburse all of the US customers that had prepaid for motors (in excess of $22,000.00)
They walked away from more than 400,000.00 GBP of outstanding debt, so I feel lucky that my personal loss was not more !
This will be my only post regarding this issue. The real facts and the truth are out there. You just have to search for the truth...
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Time marches on..........

JHH A7 Wrenn 44 Gold Combo flight video

Jet Hangar Hobbies A-7 Corsair II - Wren MW-44 turbine (3 min 3 sec)

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Time marches on...........
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With 4 grandsons and taking 3 to efest, I was asked many times by some notable legends how the heck do I get them going so young.

This is Tanner age 7"aprox 1 minute in
Hobbico's eFest 2015 - RCGroups Coverage (6 min 7 sec)

I think too many view it as a desire to fly model planes, is what I was hearing from most now with kids or grandkids awaiting some desire to follow in footsteps, I guess I never viewd that way.? I have always tried to buy a gift good or bad that makes a memmory that 12 months later they remember it, This grampbro does not take orders for gifts. My daughter now 27 still remembers the slot car track she got for Cmas age 10.

Horizon Hobbies does not recommend any rc related toy under the age of 12,

My training is One instruction
Let the throttle stick go, and No buddy BOX

At age 3 they get a Blade Scout with a rubber band equipped on throttle stick and given one instruction. Let the stick go before you hit some thing.Grandma actually does more training than me making sure it is available when babysitting.He goes up/down for hours on end

Next up is Yellow Blade heli now 2 working sticks, rubber band on throttle same drill let it go before you hit something.

Next is a Blade quad, same drill rubberband on throttle, They really start connecting motor skills with nothing to refference, Tanner would fly a quad in a small long hallway so fast I was amazed how fast he grasped both sticks.

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JETCAT Turbines and BVM composite Jet building.....

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"I had a vey good view of the whole incedent. The guy in all black in this photo is me"