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Posted by n0bbyUK | Apr 19, 2017 @ 01:00 PM | 4,283 Views
I decided as I am cutting a few Buzzard Bombshell short kits for someone and they wanted the UC bent as well that I'd make a jig (2 actually) to bend the 1/8" piano wire on so the UC's were all the same (well as near as can be!)

I drew the UC in CAD (traced from the plan) and saw it would fit on a 150mm wide piece of steel. Cut a couple of lengths, 350mm and 300mm, of 10mm thick plate and put them in the vice in my milling machine. Used the dimensions from the CAD drawings (printed out for reference) to drill 6.25mm holes using the DRO for position. These holes were then reamed out 6.35mm as I have some 1/4" hardened steel dowels handy which give a nice enough radius to the bends. I then used a chamfer bit to create a nice V on the back of the plate for the weld to pool and welded in some of the dowels. Some are loose (actually a nice hand tight sliding fit) in the 10mm thick steel plate, they have to be loose else you'll not be able to bend the wire (specifically the handle would not go past them!) So the process is put wire in between the two pins bottom left, do the first bend and then clamp so the wire is not drawn through the pins further. Then the wire is bent to the next pin hole, the pin put in and the wire bent to the next etc.

Long story short is they work a treat, but you must clamp the wire down at the start to stop it from being drawn through the jig. Will be using a bit of oil/grease to aid the bending process to see if that helps stop the wire from pulling when bending.

Jigs now made for the Playboy Sr 80" and 67" versions and the Astro Viking...Lanzo Record Breaker still to do....kits available here if interested!
Posted by n0bbyUK | Mar 28, 2017 @ 10:13 AM | 5,256 Views
Decided I also want a Vacuum former to do canopies, cowels etc. don't need it but a nice to have!

Luckily I have a CNC Router that I built so all the small 2.5mm holes in the top were drilled on this and all the pieces were cut out on it, well might as well use it if you have it!

Made a slight error in that I loaded 9mm ply on instead of 12mm ply so the sides were a little short, but no matter! It's a simple box with a strengthening piece with holes in the middle to support the top. pics should show details....need to make a heater now out of an old oven/grill element or similar.
Posted by n0bbyUK | Mar 28, 2017 @ 10:00 AM | 5,862 Views
Another project I've been working on recently is a wire bender to make UC's for my RC planes. Had a quick google to see what's out there and what they cost and the K&S bender for 6mm pianno wire is 39.99.....sooooo I though I can make one of those for a fraction of the cost.

I made a Mk1 with just 2 off 1/4" dowels in to see if it worked, it did so Mk2 was drawn on a scrap bit of paper. The handle is a 16mm sq bar cut to a non specific length (using the TLAR rule) a 6.35mm hole drilled and reamed at the nose (rounded off) and another 6.35mm hole drilled further back (giving approx 5mm clearance between the dowels) in which I slid a steel dowel. I welded it to the handle and ground off the excess on the weld side (just for aesthetics really) and filed off the corners of the bar to make handling more comfy.

MK2 bender base: I cut off a 50mm (ish) piece from a 100mm x 10mm flat bar and drilled 2 off 6.25mm holes in it diagonally so that when reamed out to 6.35mm (1/4" for those imperialists) it left 4mm in between them. I then cut an 8mm slot approx 20mm wide behind these holes and cut the top off an M8 SHC screw. I drilled a 4.2mm hole through the shank and with an angle grinder cut a slot at an angle. this allows the wire to pass through it and be clamped to the plate to stop it from creeping when bending.

Happy to report that I can now bend UC's to my hearts content, even tried a coiled front leg in 1/8" pianno wire. Pics are below,...Continue Reading
Posted by n0bbyUK | Mar 28, 2017 @ 07:56 AM | 7,119 Views
Decided to have a play with cutting foam wings so need a hot foam cutter. I looked around and saw the Feathercut was commercially available but didn't like the price. Saw a design on the Charles Rivers web site and as the concept is fairly simple I decided to have a go at building one myself.

Had a slab of 25mm ply left over from a DIY job so that was the base sorted. Had some 40mm x 25mm steel angle, that's the mounting point for the pulleys sorted, bit of 18mm x 38mm timber for the swinging arm, some Acetal Rod (25mm) to make the pulleys out of, assorted nuts/bolts/washers and off we go!

Having a milling machine helps in making M8 tapped holes every 25mm for the pulleys that you set to just wider than the foam block. Drill and a spiral flute M8 tap (plus cutting fluid) and a bit of elbow grease and they were done.

The lathe was used with a V tool, a parting off tool and an 8mm drill bit to make the Acetal pulleys, 4 in total.

I welded on to the angle a small piece of flat metal to hang the wooden arm off, drilled 8mm (and the 18mm x 38mm wood arm) and then with an M8 socket head screw (bolt) and a few washers and nyloc nut attached the arm.

I decided to make adjustable clamps for the puylleys that are used to set the % for tapered wings or straight cut wings and used a bit of 20mm Aluminium which was milled to a sort of L shape. M4 clamping SHC screws and M8 bolt to hold the pulley on and they are infinitely adjustable.

A couple of large bulldog...Continue Reading