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Posted by Rob43 | Nov 10, 2009 @ 02:10 PM | 3,475 Views
I have been tenaciously attempting to resolve a problem I've been having with my Outrage 550 heli. I have a very good setup:

CYE Mini-G gyro; mounted on tray with Spartan foam/plate/fSpartan foam/gyro;
JR DS8900G tail servo on 5.2 V; control ball is 18MM from center of horn;
Tail Blades are Red Devil 95mm CF
Main Blades are Red Devil 550mm CF
Paddles are Align CF
Swash servos are JR DS8717's on 6.0V
Electonics powered by 1600mah 2S2P lipo w/ Perfect Regulator
Powered by Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 100 on Set RPM mode - 2250 rpm
Motor is NeuMotor 1907H/1Y - 1400KV, 12t pinion, 140t main gear

The bird is a great flyer! Love it's flight characteristics. Extremely stable in wind and hover, yet can rock 3D stuff (even if I can't). One quirk is it has a tendency to allow the tail to blow or kick out a bit when initiating a flip aggressively. I find I must provide some tail input to flip reasonably straight. Swash is great - heli will rocket straight up with pitch, but dos allow a slight hesitation back at the tail. After trying additional governor gain, additional motor timing advance, more gyro gain, different tail blades, I found myself examining the tail again. Of note, I found the helicopter was missing a guide on the control rod, and the control rod is very flexible. I bought the heli used and thought little of the missing control rod guide until now. The rod is long, and only has a single guide over about a 300mm span. I ordered a replacement guide last night, and so hope to correct this soon... but,

Does anyone think the control rod could be deflecting under load and not giving me the precise contorl needed for those clean, straight flips?