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Radiomaster TX16 create new model and select model (1 min 51 sec)

Create a new model / select a new model ..

Sorry , left out a click .. But everyone gets it right ..

Create a model

A) Turn on the Tx
B) Click and hold the scroll wheel
C) Click model select
D) Highlight a plane (?) Icon , Click and hold
E) Click Create Model
F) Select glider or plane and Click
G) Now you can exit by clicking the Return button ( top left black button )
H) And you have a new model ..

Change models
A) Click and hold the scroll wheel
B) Click model select
C) Highlight the model you want , Click and hold
D) Click select model
E) ANd you have selected a new model .

Wow , so to adjust your gimbals , you are voiding your warranty !
Well done RADIOMASTER , way to be a bunch of tools !
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So, after a long break with not much flying - weather was the main culprit - I took the Rotor out again. There was just enough wind to be interesting. Have a look at the results, and watch to the end for a surprise landing

Windang Island Soaring (5 min 0 sec)

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So at long last I got me a TX16s Hall Sensor bla bla Transmitter .

What don't I like ( First impressions ) Yeah there us stuff not to like !

That scroll wheel - I am really learning to hate that ! Yes , hate is a strong word .. BUTT ! Im really / really / learning to hate it !

Almost every time I want to press enter ( Scroll Wheel ) , that stupid wheel rolls and I end up entering the wrong function = massive PITA !

My kingdom for two ( That's two ) Two position switches .

Speaking of the switches , it really gets crowded up there with all those switches . And it's terribly easy to accidently activate / move the wrong one .

I guess that takes care of what I am learning to not like about this Tx .

Every Tx has a learning curve , the Tx16 is no different .
Been using OpenTx for a while now , and the menu lay out is way different .

First thing you should probably do is calibrate the joysticks N stuff .
Once that's done you can set up your first model .

For the model Menu - it's the silver button on the right side of the transmitter . Press and hold for the menu .

Now you can name your model N stuff .

The very first model to be bound is my Volantex Sports Cub 500 .

Scroll down till you get to protocols ..

For the Sports Cub it's V761 ( V761 ) & be sure to select 4ch .....
Now scroll down to bind ..

First power up your model ..
Then activate the bind function .
The model...Continue Reading
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After almost a year! CrackerBox2020 is done!
Well almost, I'm still waiting on a brass tee for the fuel line hook up but other than that she's done! (and some wire routing, the radio box is kind of a rats nest right now)
Quite an adventure and I had a lot of fun with this build.
A long ways from the 049s we used to make air boats with when I was a wee one.
I had hoped to have a lot more folks chime in over the course of this but I did get a few tips, so thank you for that.
I have a buddy with a cabin on a lake so that will probably be my first run, hopefully all goes well.
Or later this month I might just take my fishing boat out to the local lake and give her a go there.

Anyhoo, hope you all enjoyed the show.
I don't think I'll build another one anytime soon because after almost a year I have other projects I want to get on to.

Could you build this in a weekend?
No, but if it was your only to-do item I think it could be done in a month or two with some dedication.

But this was fun and thanks to Joe at Zippkits for the help and guidance.
Bummer, I had short vid of the servos doing what they're supposed to, but no vids in a blog I guess.
Once I get her wet I'll figure out how to post a vid of the first run.

I will be having a garage sale of some left over bits and pieces so keep an eye out for that.

CB2020 out for a while!
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i fly 2 meters sailplanes. climb with an electric motor to 200 meters in 30 seconds, stop the motor, the propeller folds and i search for thermals to soar.
i spend as much time as the weather conditions allow. 1 day with clear sky (no birds in sight) i went flying and , after the motor stopped i began to search for updrafts. but suddenly, about 50 meters above my plane, i noticed a huge swarm of tiny birds flying fast in all directions. looked as if they were going nuts! as i drifted searching for thermals, i noticed that they moved above my plane. then i turned back to where i was, and they followed my plane. tried every maneuver i could think of, but i realized that they were following me. it was not a coincidence ! as i couldnt find thermals, my plane began to loose height, but they followed me on the descent, until when i was about 60 meters high, they suddenly disappeared. i couldnt believe my eyes again ! how could they show up and vanish so fast? where were they before and after? i did 3 more flights and same story. as i recalled, they looked like swallows, but that was all that i could learn. took me some time searching to learn that they were swifts. what could they see in my plane to remain above it? and not so close, just above...
and this never happened again.
wonders of the sky, that even when you think you knew all, it has something to amaze you!
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Posted by Reckless_fpv | Jun 08, 2021 @ 06:04 PM | 12,067 Views
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Happymodel Crux3 3 inch 2S
AE -
BG - Code: BGDAVIS -
3 inch quad with only 42g for 1S or 2S Lipo, Caddx ANT 1200TVL camera, F4 FC, 5A ESC's, 25-200mW VTX. Flies super good and fast, best with 2S battery. Here I show how to set the Crux3 RPM filter under Betaflight 4.2.

BLHeli_M Configurator 1.2.0 -
or better the new BlueJay ESC's Firmware 0.13.3 - Blue Jay Configurator 1.3.6
Crux CLI Diff BF 4.2 -
Betaflight RPM Filter Tuning -
GNB 450MAH 2S - Amazon -
GNB 300MAH 2S - Amazon -
Turnigy 300mAh 2S - HobbyKing -

My video with EN subtitles
Happymodel Crux3 with BetaFlight 4.2.5 RPM Filtering
Happymodel Crux3 mit BetaFlight 4.2 RPM Filterung (11 min 30 sec)

Happymodel Crux3 Spare Part Camera Protection Canopy Cover for RC Drone FPV Racing
Happymodel Crux3 Camera Canopy
BG - Code: BGHONEY2110 -
Very durable and 1.4g lightweight camera cover for Caddx Ant cameras. Best upgrade for Moblite7 + Caddx Ant Whoop.

CrazybeeX v2.2 AIO FC layout diagram - http://www....Continue Reading
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FPV Orca build video on Youtube!

Craycle FPV ORCA | 3D Printed RC Plane - Build (11 min 32 sec)

Posted by fastmax | Jun 08, 2021 @ 12:08 PM | 12,470 Views
Finally got everything in to finish my 2S Ion build. Really like this R3D Shifters frame. I'm currently running 0802 16,000kv motors but I have some 1102's on the way. I'll feel better knowing the motor shafts are 1.5mm instead of the 1mm shafts of the 0802 motors.

This little kwad performs very well and is probably my new favorite park flyer. Check out the pics, and stay tuned for some flight footage.

Full build details can be seen here.
Posted by dpot | Jun 08, 2021 @ 10:30 AM | 9,142 Views
just love the side view of this glider have change it a bit but most of its stile is still there
4m wing span
square box ply construction
all moving tail plan
2 flaps 2 aileron servos
80mm wide fuz inside so lots of room for a battery and motor not to sourer on the wing 2 / 3 or4 pieces fuz cut out or wing joiners could do one of each i suppose any way her it is
Posted by Kode | Jun 08, 2021 @ 08:25 AM | 9,461 Views
I not only fly big birds, I am also a fan of the freestyle side of FPV and in my hangar I have a few of those. They have been built for so long that I can't even remember the specs on each of of these two machines. When I get home I will investigate and then post the results here, all I know is that these are 5" 4S setups.
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Howard DGA-4 and DGA-5 “Mike” and “Ike”: A continuation on the story of the Howard DGA-3 “Pete”

Benny Howard was quite satisfied with the winnings that the “Pete” had generated and decided that there was money to be had in racing. The Gypsy on the “Pete” was quickly becoming outclassed with six cylinder inlines taking over. So a new design was needed to take back the top class of the races.

Work began on the two new racers in 1932. Both airplanes were very similar to the “Pete” in that they were designed with as little frontal area as possible and they followed the same rough design criteria. The differences were minimal. The DGA-4 “Mike” had a Menasco six cylinder inline that was intended for higher octane fuel than the Menasco on “Ike”. “Mike” also had a cowling designed to incorporate a spinner that was never used and had more ventilation in the cowling that was later covered up.

The main difference between the two was the landing gear. Initially, “Ike” had a gear designed with two wheels on each side in tandem that were housed in a single wheelpant, whereas “Mike” had the same large wheels that “Pete” had with no fairings. After a short time, both airplanes were converted to have matching small wheels with wheel pants and became nearly indistinguishable from each other.

The two airplanes racked up enough racing heritage to fill a small book and way too much to try and list. But they took a combined 13 first place victories at the National and International...Continue Reading
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Took a look over the last several years of flying and picked out a few of my favorite clips. Enjoy.. chasing trains, boats and some high wires.
FPV Ride Along (3 min 33 sec)

Posted by Calypso6858 | Jun 07, 2021 @ 12:15 PM | 14,805 Views
Howard DGA-3 “Pete”: I’ll try this to the best I can, but the Pete has possibly the most confusing history of any single airplane. Well, sort of a single airplane.

In 1929, Benny Howard built his first of many purpose built racers. With the help of Gordon Israel (responsible for the beautiful Israel Redhead I wrote about previously) Howard began building a racing airframe to match a 90hp upright Gypsy he had. The goal of the Pete design was to have as little frontal area as possible. The airplane had an exceptionally narrow fuselage with an accordingly tiny cockpit.

The Pete made its entry into racing in 1930 and continued to race in roughly its original configuration until 1935. Over its racing career, it racked up an impressive list of awards. Five firsts, four seconds, and three thirds at the National Air Races, one third place Thompson race and numerous other smaller races.

Somehow the Pete managed to survive the War and was once again thrust back into racing in 1947. The Pete had been bought by an optimistic entrant into the Goodyear races and modified with a canopy and continental powerplant. It was entered into the 1947 Goodyear races as the “Baker Special” but it proved no competition to the other goodyear racers. It was badly damaged in a hangar fire after it’s Goodyear race and it’s next life was one belonging to Paul Poberezny. Poberezny rebuilt the fuselage, added a spring gear, an A75 Continental and mounted shortened Luscombe wings to it and named it...Continue Reading
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Yes, here I am planning a new build. Sometimes I ask myself why? why another spy?. I think I am addicted to building skyhero spy. The following setup is what I have in mind. I am not sure if it counts as X-class or Y-class? not sure but here it goes.

*SkyHero Spy 600 frame.
*Master Airscrew 1045 Props
*iFlight Xing 2814 KV880 Motors
*Hobbywing xrotor PRO 40a ESCs
*Homebrewed Power Harness
*DJI Naza M V-2 Flight Controller
*Graupner Tx and Rx
*6S setup

Right now I am awaiting for more parts from ERCmarket and some other places and when it is put together I will update this blog entry.
Posted by Kode | Jun 07, 2021 @ 10:50 AM | 14,906 Views
My current skyhero spy 600 retired from aerial photography and I decided to make it a bigger more powerful tri-copter. I got me some parts recently from the ERCmarket (heck yes they still sell skyhero spare parts and kits in 2021). I then put together a higher lifter. I have about 4-6 acres of grassland so I will be carrying heavy objects and such just for fun. The build is as follows:

*SkyHero Spy 750 frame.
*KDE-CF155-TP (W/ 2X KDE-TPA-ML) propellers
*KDE4014XF-380 Motors
*Hobbywing xrotor PRO 40a ESCs
*Homebrewed Power Harness
*DJI Naza M V-2 Flight Controller
*Graupner Tx and Rx
*6S setup