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Yep Les Amis,
Petit, Simple mais Beau gosse et efficace ! Je test aujourd'hui le petit Eachine E61H. Un petit engin idéal pour les enfants ou pour les débutants. Il permettra de se familiariser avec le pilotage, à moindre frais et sans risques grâce à son maintien d'altitude . Simple, efficace et sans de fioritures, ce petit engin à moins de 30€ (avec le coupon), vous promet de bonnes sessions de vol grâce à ses 3 batteries (une offerte sur demande) .. Bon vol les Amis !

Eachine E61H - Review Test Démo - Parfait pour l'initiation ! (16 min 9 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Simple et efficace !

Niveau : Enfants ou Débutants
Les + : Bonne autonomie, Stable, Résistant, Belles finitions .
Les - : Besoin de Trimer au décollage .

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous : (Livré sous 2 à 3 jours)
- E61H 20% de remise avec ce coupon LDH33QG2 :

- AKK Diversity RX :
- AKK FX2 Dominator VTX :
- DIGOO Alarme de maison :
- FIMI A3 :
- FIMI X8 SE :
- Astéroid 3 Hobbymate :

- Hubsan ZINO à 238€ (88€ de remise !!! ) avec le code : f7c8f3
- DEALS du mois :
- Promos de printemps : https://...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Ram'nez la coupe à la maison ... !!! Pour les enfants oui ... Mais pas que ! lol . Je test aujourd'hui le petit kit de Robots Footballeur, le Eachine ER10 . Et oui c'est encore Eachine qui nous sort un truc original et très fun pour un prix dérisoire . J'étais dubitatif en voyant la fiche produit mais en même temps, très curieux. Et bien, j'ai bien fait de tenter l’expérience ! La qualité est plus que correcte et la jouabilité est au rendez vous . De 2 à 6 joueurs pourront s'affronter dans des matchs endiablés pendant environs 1h pour une charge de 2h . Pour faire court, je valide les yeux fermés le concept qui ravira les plus jeunes, hum , et pas que ... Bon Film à tous.

Eachine ER10, Soccer ROBOT VS - Review Test Démo - Prêts pour la Coupe ? (18 min 14 sec)


Niveau : Enfants (et grands enfants) !
Les + : Excellente autonomie, marrant, maniable, réactif ...
Les - : Manque juste un petit tapis (terrain de foot) .

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Robot Foot ER10 (en PROMO, reste 8 pièce jusqu'au 31 Mars) :
- Batteries compatibles :

- Hubsan ZINO à 238€ (88€ de remise !!! ) avec le code : f7c8f3
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Without haste, I make a blank for the second version of the ship. The first, in principle, performs its task, but ... Much of the planned does not fit. This and the descent module for underwater video and podrulka, and the module of the underwater camera, located in the bottom of the boat, to put it mildly not successful. The diameter of the viewing "window" is too small, which imposed a restriction on the camera.

In general, there will be a new version. A little more Photo for comparison with the first version.

Well, a couple of videos from the first version, to understand what it is about.
First fishing:
RC fishing - First success (1 min 45 sec)

Underwater photography:
rc FPV Boat - underwater and main cameras test (the snake and turtles hit the frame) (7 min 43 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Posted by Rc bash | Apr 05, 2019 @ 10:04 PM | 1,656 Views
Dose any have rcs in Keene tx?
Posted by smoky_the_whoop | Apr 05, 2019 @ 09:22 PM | 1,971 Views
I need to do a Accelerometer Calibration for my m80. It bind to a flysky i6.

I found the "quad disarm, full throttle, yaw left, pitch down" for calibration and "throttle full, stick in opposite direction" for trimming.

But it did not work.

Did I forgot something?

I also saw than the calibration of the e010 is "both stick down and right".

In both case the tinywhoop did not give me any leds signal.

It is the 4me mail I send. Without answer from you, I sent a message to your Facebook, but they hardly know what I'm talking about and they sent me here.

I can use some help.
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This is my E-flite Viper 70mm EDF Jet Second Flight Review video. I decided to have some fun on the second flight

E-flite Viper 70mm EDF Jet Second Flight (5 min 17 sec)

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I mentioned in my last blog that I was the proud new owner of two old ParkZone airplanes, a P-51 and a first-generation Cub.

Since then, I had to give back the models.

Until recently.

A communication breakdown led me return them to the fellow who sold them to me who in turn returned them to the local hobby shop. That is, until I got a call last week.

The hobby shop and the original owner (I think) didn't want them! So, they were given back to me. El freebo!

The photo below shows the P-51 after its first flight while in my possession. I didn't fly the models when I had them the first time. Honestly, I don't know why Horizon discontinued this model. Sure, it'd be yet another P-51D if they did, but this model with landing gear, optional retracts and in receiver-ready trim would be a blast. This is one fast little bird on a simple 1300mAh 3S li-po! It handles and flies very well, despite a 27MHz FM radio. Yessiree, here is a prime example of the transition from PPM to spread spectrum and it works beautifully.

I may or may not switch over to, say, a Taranis, but the model is such a nice, original, low-time example that I'm really loath to do so.

Next up will be the Cub. Total flashback for me; my second ever R/C plane was one of these. I'll have to run it off of a 2S li-po. Carefully.
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Nano-sized Quad with MEGA-sized FUN! We explored the capabilities of the R3DShifters R3DWhoop Ion, a 3D Printed FPV Race Drone! If you’ve never heard of R3D Shifters, it is a company based out of New York City, USA. R3D Shifters currently has 4 different frame kits all made from carbon fiber/nylon filament and 3D printed. This one we have a blast with today is the R3DWhoop Ion. We take it out to a local park and put it through a test of its flight capabilities. Let me tell you, this Little Guy can Rip! On cheap 2S batteries! Wow, this was fun!
Your thoughts on Nano-sized Mega Fun?
3D PRINTED FPV RACE DRONE (4 min 17 sec)

Posted by BernardW | Apr 05, 2019 @ 12:43 PM | 11,633 Views
I'm a committed Titebond Original user, I used this for RC wherever possible because I had experience with it from general woodworking and I already liked it. When I started building RC models again I had been on a bit of woodworking kick before that and I'd been using Titebond (always Original, to me that seems best suited to modelling and if I do any other woodworking that's what I prefer for that too).. My 1st completed RC model was an RCM Trainer 60 where I used maybe 10 drops of CA on the whole thing, mostly just to harden the threads for holding the landing gear on. My 2nd was a Bruce Tharpe Engineering Venture 60, I used a lot more CA on that one. The plans and instructions call for CA but I subsctituted Titebond wherever I could, though I did use CA on many of the wing joints. Admittedly I wasn't using Zap or another specially developed hobby-type CA, I was using a hardware store super-glue type, though I did try and get the best I could find. I didn't know the difference then, I've tried Zap and it really is far better for model building.
I used to be able to get Titebond at two places, one a big hardware chain that's gone out of business called Masters, and another was the specialty woodwork sipplier called Carbatec, who are now the only place I know of. It seems they've actually dropped the price on Titebond since Masters closed, Masters used to be Really Cheap, Carbatec are merely Pretty Cheap but used to be far more than Masters. It's only $AU10 for 16 oz/473 mL...Continue Reading
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DJI Mavic Air remote lanyard (1 min 3 sec)

- High quality lanyard, comfortable to wear, adjustable length;
- Bold hook/hanging buckle, thread locking, use more assured;
- Relieve the fatigue of the two-handed operation, making flight shooting easier.
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All right, here is the 3rd flight of the FT Mini Scout as part of the FT Mini Scout newbie challenge from the Flitetest Forums. Got the left bank issue sorted and it flies pretty good.

FT Mini Scout 3rd Flight - FT Mini Scout Newbie Challenge - Flight #3 (4 min 41 sec)

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I was looking for a Cub as my next project and was looking for a kit, but I came across this ARF on Amazon. I've built and flown the Great Planes .40 kit back in the 90's and loved it. So here are some detail of the ARF. This is the fabric covered version and looks pretty scale.

Great Planes GPMA1310
Wingspan: 81 in (2055 mm)
Wing Area: 984 in² (63.5 dm²)
Weight: 8.5 lb (3.86 kg)
Wing Loading: 19.9 oz/ft² (61 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 49 in (1245 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .40-.65 cu in (6.5-10.5 cc) or 4 stroke .52-.70 (8.0-11.5 cc)

I chose to go electric and used a Rimfire 55 motor and 60A esc with 6s 4000 mAh battery, with a 5A bec.

The assembly was straight forward and no issues where found. It has a one piece wing with two servos for the ailerons ( nice because you can mix in flap-arons ). I use standard Hitec HS 311 servos all around, a ZTW 60A esc, and hobby king flight batteries. I also put on the bigger Kavan 5in wheels, they where a lot lighter than the Dubro's and it makes it look way cool (IMO)

I fabricated a door to change out the flight batteries.

The plane flies great! Flies like a Cub, it will ground loop so you have to walk the rudder (like the real airplane), and rudder input is needed on turns ( to make it look scale). I first put on a 15x4 Xoar prop and she flew slow, and steady, doing nice lazy 8's and stall turns. The 13x6 APC flew it more sporty with loops, rolls, and simple maneuvers. It flies well at 30% power.

I put it on the watt meter and had 800-1000 watts @ 35 amps with the 13x6 APC, with a 70% charge on a 30c batt. I haven't checked the 15x4 prop. It also had 50% charge left after a 7 min flight. The 15x4 prop drained the battery quicker ( 15% left after a 6 min flight). Over all I'm very happy with the plane.

here's link to the short youtube video.

J3 Cub (1 min 21 sec)

Great Planes J3 Cub ARF (4 min 22 sec)

Posted by VicT | Apr 05, 2019 @ 06:45 AM | 3,867 Views
Originally Posted by Mark 2
Well I’ve pulled the trigger, so mine is on the way.
I’m thinking about using the 6ch Spektrum antennaless receiver, do you guys think that would work OK in this plane? Only thing I’m worried about is the size of the battery possibly blanking the receiver at some angles.

It should work but I recommend an AR636 SAFE Select Receiver. It does not have signal strength telemetry like the antennaless receivers or the Taranis/Frysky systems. You already have a DX 6-9 transmitter right?

See my blog on why I’m using the AR636 wing leveling feature to minimize prop and wing surface contact. Will post flight test results in about 2 weeks using the V900 636 receiver.
Posted by VicT | Apr 05, 2019 @ 06:31 AM | 3,937 Views
Originally Posted by Mark 2
Well I’ve pulled the trigger, so mine is on the way.
I’m thinking about using the 6ch Spektrum antennaless receiver, do you guys think that would work OK in this plane? Only thing I’m worried about is the size of the battery possibly blanking the receiver at some angles.

If you don’t want to have the benefits of a SAFE receiver then yes. I have the 4ch antennaless receiver in a DHLG 60 inch glider that has carbon fiber imbedded in the Kevlar fuselage. It’s a 8.9 ounce David Forbes Vixen that I don’t want to lose. The nice feature of the 4 and 6 ch design is that your DX transmitter shows signal strength in various aircraft positions where battery and metal, and carbon can interfere. To verify and validate adequate signal strength this I had another pilot point the CF fuselage and tail at me about 1000 ft away. I could barely see the rudder and elevator move but we had cell phone speaker comms open to coordinate the test. I found no low signal strength values at my DX9 telemetry screen and flaperons, and rudder and elevator worked perfectly. The nice feature of this new design is that you could use 3M Dual Lock (not flexible velcro) to mount the RX in the wing to test signal strength. When testing is completed you would have less connections at the wing and fuselage.

I like to have gyro technology level my wings on crosswind landings and takeoffs. This will...Continue Reading
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Hello everyone, I am curious to find out if my old analog controller and receiver Will work with a new PNF Model . I have a futaba sky sport 4 (modeL:T4VF). This is a 4 channel That came with my hobbico superstar 40 . The receiver is a FP - R12 7DF . This is a 7 channel receiver but I can only use 4 of them with my transmitter .The plane I am thinking of purchasing is a H-King Skipper All Terrain Airplane ,EPO ,700mm span.For this plane I will need ,4CH transmitter and receiver also a few 3S 1300~2200mAh lipo batteries and the charger for them. I think my real question is will the new ECS Work with my older receiver . From what I have seen , Main power Into the ECS Then 2 The motor And another line going into your throttle control on your receiver . How does this work when the receiver has its own dedicated Battery Channel ? Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated . Thank you for your time .

Currently flying a Hobbico Super Star 40 And a sky King 959