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To continue this path of using a PWM-PPM converter as an trainer-input, I've come up with something

Prototype of throttle and brake/reverse pedals over one channel:

- Exhanged the rotary potentiometer of a servo tester with a fader/slider. I used a 10K fader but woud prefer 20K-ish as the original potentiometer.
- Effective range of the fader should be better. I'll have to look into this more. *Edit* Nope, works fine. 100% in both directions.
- The heavier the sliding base of the fader, the better I think. To avoid being pulled up by quickly releasing the pedal(s)

RC Throttle & Brake/Reverse pedals (0 min 17 sec)

Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 24, 2021 @ 10:04 AM | 10,568 Views
I like gliders with big fuselages. I have F3F racers and thermal sailplanes with barely enough room to fit a 17650 battery. I have not flown this one yet. Its heavy at 5kg. I plan to use a short bungee to launch it off the slope. I may add provisions for aero towing too. I considered putting a motor in it, but decided to keep it a pure glider. But I could retrofit a motor later.
I got a custom set of graphics for it. It really came out cool.
Gliders-IT is an Italian company. The owners bought X-models a while back. The sailplanes are made in Poland and the quality is quite high. But these are not easy models to build. They consider the control horns and bulkheads (formers) to be an accessory. You have to pay an additional 50euro for the kit. Since I bought the model from the USA dealer (Soaring USA) I ordered the kit directly from Italy, I ended up spending $100 for the wood parts and G10 control horns. Decent instructions or drawings do not exist. The kits are for builders with some experience. I have a Mibo Swift and it was similar, but I found plenty of build logs on a German forum (RC-Network). If my Bhyon flies like the Swift I will be very happy.
I tried to research the origins of this airplane. I think it was an Italian design that started out as a built up balsa and plywood model. Then a fiberglass fuselage was added, and eventually ended as a fully molded airplane. The flaps and ailerons are still old school top hinged. I add tape to seal the gap....Continue Reading
Posted by trevorires | Feb 24, 2021 @ 08:17 AM | 9,436 Views
Just wanted to give you an update on the iRES 2M project.
Please take a look at the pdf..Main fuselage section is nearing completion (design).
I will be working on the tail section mounting and rudder/tailplane next.

I have had a very pleasant conversation (via DM) with Peter Rausch and he has allowed me to use his RESopenS wing design (non commercial use). I will be using his dxf files and slightly modifying the wing by making it one piece. The wing cord will be 220mm. See the link to his design:
This will be the F3RES wing - I do plan to have another 2M wing of my own design which will be fully winchable with flaps and ailerons..I have some ideas for a new carbon spar that I will share later!
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Feb 24, 2021 @ 06:01 AM | 12,870 Views
Yep Les Amis,
On affronte la tempête ! Lol. Dans cette deuxième partie du test de l'HEXPLORER LR de Flywoo, nous n'avons pas choisi le jour le plus propice avec un vent de plus de 50km/h et des rafales à 80 ! Pourtant ce petit Hexa à bien tenu le coup et s'est plutôt bien comporté. Très stable et extrêmement précis, cet engin, avec ses 6 moteurs peut facilement emporter une bonne batterie ainsi qu'une caméra HD et ne force pas. Même s'il peut s'adonner au freestyle, on sent que son domaine de prédilection c'est le cruising, la ballade et la cinématique. En bref, un engin très stable, souple, précis et avec une très bonne autonomie qui conviendra autant aux débutants qu'aux amateurs de cinématiques et de cruising "Long Time" ... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

HEXplorer LR 4 Flywoo - Review Test Démo - Hexacoptère Mid Long Range ! Partie 2 (36 min 4 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18.5/20 Toujours pas déçu !

- HEXplorer LR 4 (coupon BG10RACING ) :
- HEXplorer LR 4 HD Caddx Vista (coupon BG10RACING ) :
- Télécommande caméra compatible :
- Pièces détachées :
- Lipo conseillée 4S 850mAh (Vol avec Gopro ) :
- Lipo conseillée 4S 1050mAh (Vol avec Gopro ) :
- Li-Ion 4S 3000mAh XT30 (Avec Naked/SMO):
- Li Ion 4S 2800mAh XT60 (Avec Naked/SMO) :
- Adaptateurs XT60 :...Continue Reading
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Dear Fan,

It's definitely a bombastic charger that ISDT team sincerely shows to our Fans. Coming soon. How can we define it's a breakthrough? With independent dual channel, Support 2~16S LiFe, LiPo, LiHv, ULiHv battery. The ultra-high voltage lithium battery with 4.45V battery cell voltage . The maximum total output power is 2200W, Continuous, high-energy output. Also it Supports Bluetooth Connect Function and Mobile Operations.

More details please see here:

Model No. X16
Input voltage: AC 100~240V
Output voltage: DC 10-72V
Max. input current: 20A
Charging current: 1~20A
Discharging current: 0.5~3.0A
Max. charging power: 1100W*2
Max. discharging power: 50W*2
Balance current: 1.5A/Cell
Supported battery types and cell count : LiFe,LiPo,LiHv,ULiHv (2-16S)
Abnormal voltage alarm: Support
Incorrect cell count setting alarm: Support
Working temperature: 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
Dimension: 276×246×82mm
Weight: About 3.5kg

Leave your message to us if any inquiry on this new charger. Your feedback and suggestions are all welcomed.

Best Regards,
Isdt Team
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An alphabetical stroll through the history of aviation. Day 17

Queen Bee: Meet the Beechcraft Bonanza! Oh, Beecraft, not Beechcraft? Whatever. Close enough. Again.

Okay, seriously. If someone said picture a metal, retractable tricycle gear, opposed engine, four seat, low wing, V-tail airplane, you would think they were talking about a bonanza. And yet, somehow the Queen Bee doesn’t look that much like a Bonanza. It has long constant chord wings on a small fuselage with a bulbous four place canopy and long straight tail feathers and was powered by a 180hp Lycoming O-360.

The Queen Bee was designed and built by Bee Aviation Associates or more commonly called, Beecraft. Beecraft built a grand total of three airplanes. Not three designs, three airplanes total. The three Beecraft designs were the Wee Bee, a tiny single place airplane so small that the pilot didn’t sit inside the airplane, they just laid on top of it. Next was the Honey Bee, a single seat high wing light plane with a V-tail designed by Walter Mooney. The last was the Queen Bee. Their attempt at a private travelling ship. As with all of their designs, it never entered production. It was stored at the San Diego Aerospace Museum and sadly destroyed when the museum burned down in 1978.

The only remnant of Beecraft is the Honey Bee which is at the San Diego Aerospace Museum. The end of an era. A weird, not all that practical era.
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Dynam Cessna 310 Grand Cruiser 1280mm Wingspan - V2 - PNP

Dynam Cessna 310 Grand Cruiser 1280mm WingspanI wanted to try a twin engine airplane and the Dynam Cessna 310 Grand Cruiser looked like a good buy when it was on sale for $169US at Bitgo Hobby. I don't really need another plane, but it was nice having one to build during our recent extreme weather, I think I am addicted to building and modding them, and I got really bored the last couple of days of the bad weather after I finished my last build.

I ordered on 2/16/2021 and the next day the tracking at Fedex said delivery would be on Saturday, 2/20/2021. I did not believe it would happen, and I was right. On Saturday, the delivery date was changed to Monday, 2/22/2021. On Monday, at 7pm the package was still not here, so I checked tracking and the delivery date had been changed to Tuesday, 2/23/2021, delay due to weather related problems. Weather on Monday was clear, 70'F, with moderate winds? Tuesday the plane was delivered just before 10am. I asked the driver what the weather delay was about and he said he was sent down a dirt road. Should have asked him if he got stuck.

Unpacked the plane, and everything looked good and straight. Flaps and retracts are installed. But there is something different I certainly wasn't expecting, the plane is mostly silver with red trim. I went through all of the attachments in the main thread, and the only red C310s were painted by the owners. I do not like red, but will...Continue Reading
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I picked this up at my LHS. Came with a Moki 210. I’m debating on pulling the motor and putting in a 35cc gas.

Ran the motor today. Started right up. Sounds awesome.
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UMX TT with the gemfan 5030 (6 min 27 sec)

What is there to say ?

A) Gemfan costs less ( Here in Oz , one UMX TT prop = 40 Gemfan 5030 props )
B) The Gemfan 5030 draws less current
C) The Gemfan 5030 produces more thrust

If anyone watches the video , the TT is hanging off the Gemfan real nice , not super nice . But better than the 3 blade . The 3 blade TT prop simply does not compare in the vertical .

Oh well , tweaked the antenna tail some and it was better , butt ...... not good enough . Came home , cut a bit off and did something different ( Next time ) . That Gemfan 5030 is staying in the nose , hmmm ......

The TT really needs a spinner Do I want more weight in the nose ? , or do I try carving some foam and just spray painting it ?

It works as is , and now I have more mojo ! It's nice having more vertical mojo ..

Hmm , I just thought of a way to spinner the UMX TT !!!!!
Something else to explore !
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The .4mm nozzle made the dimensions loose enough to dismantle the metal wires connecting the panels. The PETG panels can be used until they break, then replaced with PLA. The other panels can be replaced when they break without printing a new container. The floor is expected to break 1st.

A larger printer which could print 1 panel in a single go would be money. The floor takes 4 separate printouts. Painting the X's with a sharpie didn't look as good as hoped. It's real hard to get a pen into the isogrid corners.

The whole thing is going to look rather transparent & flimsy. Lions only know the .4mm thickness is the same as coroplastic. Coroplastic has 2 .4mm thick sheets, while lions exchange 1 sheet for risers.
Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 23, 2021 @ 05:04 PM | 9,904 Views
She flew so nice. This was the second I destroyed within one year. Number went straight in, either pilot error or some undefined malfunction. But I managed 14 happy flights before that.
This puppy ate it, because I failed to put a power jumper between the Jeti CB200 and the Cortex Pro. The CB200 is definitely not needed for this airplane. Its light years better to use a REX12 and keep it simple. But I had this CB200 laying about and thought it would clean up the cables and I could use a REX7.
So it goes...
Posted by halicopter | Feb 23, 2021 @ 04:46 PM | 10,872 Views
Bought the kit and installed .
Only quick test as wind is mental .
Find out soon enough how good it is
Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 23, 2021 @ 04:21 PM | 10,098 Views
I seem to be on a streak of stupid mistakes. I have 40+ years building model airplanes and still have not made every mistake.
1. I placed a new landing gear controller in my turbine powered mini Avanti. But I was missing a jumper between the Jeti CB200 and Cortex Pro. The airplane was flown sucesfully before the new LG control was installed. And it all bench tested A-ok. However, the first flight overloaded the RX input/outputs of the CB 200 which cause both receivers to loose power. The crash was a total loss. I guess I was lucky the airplane didn't hit me. It crashed 20ft away.

2. I messed up my Joker during the 1st and 2nd flights because I tried to land too fast. One trailing link of the main gear was busted. A small hole in the wing from that. The front of the fuselage has cracks near the front gear mount due to over loads. There is no good way to fix the fuselage because one cannot get behind the cracks for repair. A good repaint will require a ton of bondo.
But that was not enough. I was looking at the fuselage canopy interface and noticed it was off a bit. I think maybe the fuse is a bit bent. I thought to apply a little heat to teh canopy frame to make it conform. As a result I deformed the canopy. I should have known the heat would do this. So, I have to replace the canopy.

3, Just spend a few hours laying out the wire connection holes for a sailplane. I made the holes perfectly but in the wrong spot! I have to infill the holes and start again.
Posted by CrackerBox2020 | Feb 23, 2021 @ 03:34 PM | 9,451 Views
Lot's of work, then snow and ice.

Too cold in the shop to lay down the finish coats right now.
I did get 2 coats of primer down, sanded w/ 400 after the first coat.
Holding off on sanding the second coat until it warms up a little more.
Taking a long time but it should look great when it's ready to run!
Radio box and rear hatch all primed too.

Gun metal flake for the inside hull and radio box exterior.
Bottom of hull and interior radio box = white.
Top of hull, rear hatch, and radio box frame = yellow.
Making a clear lexan cover for the radio box to see the servos. etc. inside.

Everything is on the shelf and just waiting for a few days above 55* or so.
Paint and finish, then assemble.

Big thanks to ZipKits for the kit, parts, and advice.

Can't wait to fire it up!
Posted by Richard McCarter | Feb 23, 2021 @ 01:08 PM | 7,636 Views
My grandson's Heng Long M41 bulldog tank, professional model with 2.4GHz 6.0 controller worked perfectly for 2 weeks. Now the binding between the controller and the tank appears to be lost. The tank will not start or respond in any way when the "start" button on the controller is pushed. I notice that unlike before when the "start" button is pushed the lights on the tank go out. When the button is released the lights return.

Does anyone have a suggestion how I can make the tank and controller work properly again. I've emailed Heng Long about the problem but have had no response of any kind.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Posted by Pete Bitar | Feb 23, 2021 @ 11:08 AM | 7,396 Views
Hi All,

I ordered the wrong voltage of motors and instead of paying for shipping and customs to return them, I'd like to try to sell them here in the USA.

If you need a T-Motor U13II 65 KV (21-24S optimal voltage), the price is $349.00 per unit, plus shipping. They are new in the box (see pics). I have 12 of them total.

Here is the link to the T-Motor site for specs:

Posted by CGordon | Feb 23, 2021 @ 10:36 AM | 10,001 Views
I couldn't find anything on it, but it seems odd to me that ribs are so often designed with fixed width between them, regardless of how the chord may taper down. I'm not even sure this is the "right" design decision from a fabric-sag perspective (which could be another can of worms).

I'm interested in the aesthetics of this, so I mocked it up in DevWing and Excel using some simple formulas.

First up was the fixed width ribs (top), which doesn't exactly look wrong.
Name: a.png
Views: 15
Size: 14.7 KB

Next up is the proportional spacing, which is exactly proportional to the chord. I used a factor of 1:2.21 spacing vs chord, to keep the number ribs the same for this sample.
Name: b.png
Views: 10
Size: 20.2 KB

This one definitely didn't look right to me. But a weird thing happened. When I went back to studying the fixed width ribs, they now looked horrible to me.

Next, I tried something I didn't expect to do when I started this...I averaged the values between these. What do you think? To my eye, this looks very natural and pleasing. In fact, it rather tricks the eye into thinking the spacing is "fixed" even though it changes quite substantially.
...Continue Reading