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Posted by Valentinn | Today @ 01:00 AM | 20 Views
Original link:http://www.thedronefiles.net/2017/11...-depth-review/

The AKK X2 is a 40-channel FPV video transmitter that costs just $22 shipped. Unlike the earlier all-in-one A3 which I reviewed earlier, the X2 does not come with a pre-installed antenna or camera. With that said, the X2 is more of an FPV transmitter (Tx) that is more suited to those who want to use their own choice of antenna and camera.
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Posted by Bill M - RC | Today @ 12:44 AM | 38 Views
Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

Hubsan H216A Desire X4 Pro review - unboxing, analysis & setup. Good value GPS FPV Quadcopter drone with 1080p HD camera, orbit mode, follow me, waypoint navigation, telemetry & one key automatic return to home take-off point.


Hubsan H216A Desire X4 Pro review - unboxing, analysis & setup (Part I) (14 min 42 sec)

Posted by DGrant | Yesterday @ 11:50 PM | 108 Views
Some pics I took a few months back. That's a Midwest 27% Extra300s I built in 2002, the red plane is a Midwest SuperHots I built in 1990, the flag plane is a Great Planes Dazzler I built about 2012.

The Extra300s is getting all new electronics, batteries, and some other current technology installed. I restored the SuperHots in the fall of 2015. The Dazzler was an experiment I'd wanted to try for years that I finally got around too, and I'll call a complete success.
Posted by FAKHREALAM | Yesterday @ 10:59 PM | 405 Views
Hi All

Here is tear down of Convergence VTOL BNF Basic, 650mm (EFL11050). Check all the pictures....Continue Reading
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Original link:http://<b>https://www.drone-zone.de/...2-all-in…/</b>
" the new A5 version gives pilot more freedom in balancing out their aircraft by separating VTX and cameras by a wire connection...."

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Posted by Brazen4 | Yesterday @ 09:23 PM | 552 Views
My son's old Kyosho Big Brute circa 1988. Highly modified with 2.8" wheels from a "Big Grizzly", and OEM 4" x 6" tires from a Kyosho "USA 1".
Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 06:46 PM | 686 Views
Got the Leopard hung on the Cub. Custom motor mount made an easy job of it. Recommend these folks. Good stuff.
Posted by Rural Flyer | Yesterday @ 04:25 PM | 811 Views
The pictures below are from a fun little project that breaths some new life into my trusty old Holy Stone F183 W drone.

The Holy Stone F183W has a special place in my heart as it was my 1st drone and taught me many things like "Paying Attention" to trees when flying

The HS F183W has survived numerous crashes, hang-ups in trees, and new users that I've introduced her too.

The motors have been replaced, as have several props, the only casualty was the camera that met an untimely demise due to a wiring error on my part

After moving up the food chain of drones, I'm currently flying an MJX Bugs 2C as my primary drone. As good as the MJX is, the camera was not quite as good as I'd hoped and it has been superseded by one of many Xaioyi/mi GoPro clones.

So the original MJX cam has been removed to reduce dead weight, and has found new life replacing the original Holy Stone Camera.

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Posted by Ninja0430 | Yesterday @ 02:13 PM | 808 Views
I bought this plane a long time ago 1 to 2 years and when i tried to fly it 1 to 2 years ago it didn't work. It was working fine when i first turned it on but when i did the range check you need to do, it stopped working after that it wouldn't work at all. And i left the battery plugged in for awhile so it puffed. After unplugging it i wouldnt fly the plane for awhile. Now after those few years i ordered a battery and i plugged it in and it still doesn't work. When i turn it on it makes 1 long beep and two quick beeps and then i turn the plane on and it makes the rudder turn to the left by itself and no matter what i do there's no response from the control surfaces. I don't know what to do.
Posted by fastmax | Yesterday @ 01:22 PM | 903 Views
GoFly RC is relatively new at making FPV Racing Drones, but they are already changing the micro BNF game. The new Falcon CP90 Pro is an awesome little racer that is packed with features, and performs incredibly well.

This little quadcopter comes pre loaded with Betaflight on its Omnibus F3 AIO flight controller with OSD. It has a 20A 4 in 1 BLHeli-S ESC running DShot 600 and powering 1104 7500kv motors. It is rated for 2s, or 3s batteries, so all of you power hungry pilots that love 3s micro speed demons, this might be just the BNF micro for you. For FPV you get the popular RunCam Nano 650TVL camera and a 25/100mw VTX. To top this little package off, you get a programmable RGB LED light bar, and a set of Gemfan Hulkie 2040 props.

This great looking little racer is available as a Flysky FS-RX2A, Frsky XM, or DSMX bind and fly. Here are some detailed pics of everything you get in the box. Stay tuned for flight video coming in just a bit. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. More info, and details coming soon.

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Posted by Batmanwpg | Yesterday @ 01:12 PM | 846 Views
Did some more painting on the F7U and added the stars and bars. Might add a few more details in paint. I couldn't find any dazzling schemes for the Cutlass on Google and ended up using this one.
Posted by PaiRaN | Yesterday @ 11:42 AM | 893 Views
No doubt, 2017 has been amazing! Here is what we did

Build, fly, crash, repeat - That was 2017 (13 min 3 sec)

Be welcome to join the matebox tribe on youtube by subscribing to the channel - we really appreciate that!
Posted by Woodinthesky | Yesterday @ 11:02 AM | 930 Views
Goose bumps (3 min 32 sec)

Posted by Rural Flyer | Yesterday @ 10:59 AM | 951 Views
I joined this forum as a new user in Jan of 2018...

Found a ton of information that has come in handy, and find the users I've been exchanging ideas and QnA with to be friendly and helpful.

All the Best in the new Year!
Posted by DutchRC | Yesterday @ 10:33 AM | 939 Views
Halloa guys

sooooo.. I've build a couple of quads from GepRC frames by now.. Nice frames! But can they allso deliver in the BNF / RTF market?
My first impressions are quite positive.. I very much like this little bugger

Link to this 3-inch-quad: GepRC MX3 Sparrow - aka Master Blaster

And.. here is the first part of my review on it:

DutchRC - GEPRC MX3 Sparrow BNF - a Master Blater FPV Quad :D - Review P1 (24 min 22 sec)

wheelbase: 139 mm
arm thickness: 3mm carbon fiber
motors: 1408 3500 KV
ESCs: BLHeli-S 4x 28A in 1 DShot600
current: 3S or 4S
receiver: FrSky XSR (D16)
props: 3042 3-blades (2 spares)
camera: Runcam micro V2 600tvl CCD
VTX: 25-100-250mW 72 channels
OSD: yes (in the Runcam micro V2)
Buzzer: yes
LEDs: yes
Posted by Helio Marques | Yesterday @ 08:50 AM | 1,005 Views
I'd like to know if someone already traveled from Europe to another countries (South America, for example) with lipo bateries for racer (10 x 1300mAh - 4S).
I already took care about lipo safe bags, 2 units (5 batteries in each one) and i am planning to carry with me inside plane, not in dispatched baggage.
I need information from you maximum until next Thursday

Tks in advance!
Posted by Ian444 | Yesterday @ 05:45 AM | 1,092 Views
I've been working on a very simple 2-sided pcb to make it easier to use a silverware FC on a brushless quad. Just posting some build docs and pics for now, will give a few more details when I get time.

Gerbers are in the zip file and named in the OshPark convention, but submit at your own risk. They should work, all care has been taken, but until a board is received, inspected and built, it is a risk. The 1.6mm 2oz copper spec of the Oshpark boards is definitely overkill for these so I'm looking for another pcb fab place (suggestions are welcome ). I would prefer 1.2mm 1oz copper with HASL finish to keep the weight as low as possible. 1mm would work too (same thickness as a stock board). I got an initial batch of 10 boards made at Seeedstudio in 1.2mm, but they don't have cheap shipping any more.

So far, one board has been built and tested, no issues so far, except I had to replace the antenna cap with a wire link to make telemetry solid. YMMV. It was designed to be as easy to build as possible, as I am new to SMD soldering, and I think I succeeded there. The only thing I changed from V1a to the current V1b is the footprint of the main processor, the rows of pads were a bit farther apart than I would like.

The board uses a schematic similar to a stock board, except it uses a MPU-6050 gyro, and a different pin-out 2S-tolerant ZMR330 regulator. The pcb dimensions are just under 19mm square. I forgot to keep a record of the weight but from memory it's just under 2gm with antenna and no wires.
Posted by mandevil | Yesterday @ 05:26 AM | 1,066 Views
Quick and short edit of my recent flight.

Nakléřov, a flight with DJI F550 (2 min 29 sec)

Posted by accel8or | Yesterday @ 04:04 AM | 12,272 Views
Works with my 3rd gen DX6 radio. The labeled side is negative, and the other side will be the signal side for the pins.