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Posted by basslord1124 | Mar 16, 2016 @ 11:31 PM | 4,468 Views
After about a year of frustrations with my Dynam, I set out to find someway to get me up in the air quickly. I was trying to avoid becoming too frustrated with the hobby, So, I figured to try and look for a good beginner plane that could get at least get more than a few feet off of the ground and actually practice with while I repaired the Dynam.

After some research, I went against my original thoughts and feelings and decided on the Hobbyzone Champ. "Toy" or not, it got plenty of great reviews and seemed to be a great choice...and it wasn't too pricey. Once I received the Champ, I got everything set up and took about 20 minutes to charge the flight battery and then it took it down to the local park to try it out. So I maidened it the same day I received it. One awesome thing about the Champ:

Everything is all there ready to go in the box. No assembly of the plane is required. Just put batteries in the transmitter/controller and batteries in the little quick charger, charge up your flight battery, and go fly.

The maiden of my Champ went excellent. I'm pretty sure I just hand launched it. Once in the air, the plane was super easy to control, and it had a very natural tendency to self right itself when in a turn plus it seemed to glide well. A very easy flyer and very relaxing compared to what I was experiencing with the Dynam.

And since the Champ sort of renewed my faith and confidence I knew that I was now screwed. Meaning I was now going to be...Continue Reading
Posted by basslord1124 | Mar 15, 2016 @ 10:19 PM | 4,022 Views
As I said in my introduction blog, about 3 years ago I got the itch to get back into RC planes again. One day my wife had done some research on RC planes and picked out 2 that she thought were good choices. My choices were the Dynam Super/Piper Cub or the Hobbyzone Champ. Not knowing much about current brands and other things, I picked the Dynam. At the time, the Champ just screamed out "toy" to me and I just didn't take it to be a serious plane.

I got the Dynam that year for Christmas and my journey with it has been rough. The plane has actually spent more time on the shelf getting repaired than actual air time. As soon as I could get the plane airborne, down she'd come. Many parts have been replaced, various construction issues, and many lessons learned. And really this was my first plane that introduced me to the world of electric flight. As I found out, it was definitely not geared to be a beginner plane despite being a high wing type.

Despite the issues with the plane, I'm still determined to get it flying. It has become a project plane where I've made little modifications here and there. My wife got it for me as a gift and I'd feel bad throwing in the towel with it. So I'm definitely wanting to get it flying for her. I feel pretty confident that it will get airborne soon as I've learned so much since getting the plane. I will post updates and/or videos when I start having good success with it.

Here is a link to a thread started by someone else who had picked up the same exact plane. I contributed quite a bit to the thread.

The plane is basically Dynam's PA18 Super Cub but painted yellow like a Piper Cub. Some replacement parts have been difficult to find due to the fact that Dynam does not provide much in terms of the yellow I had to get the white Super Cub parts instead. You can see this in the pic I posted below of me holding the plane.