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Posted by Joe52710 | Jun 26, 2019 @ 04:33 PM | 2,927 Views

I'm scratch building a 3lb (1.5kg) twin pusher rc plane. I've flown it once already, buy am stumped as to why the props aren't spinning at about the same RPM. I've tried setting the throttles ranges for the ESCs already, to little avail. Here's the setup:

Motor (x2): Detrum BM2815A-1100KV
Prop (x2): APC 6x6
ESC (x2): Detrum 30A
Battery: 2200mAh, 3s, 50C

On some does, when both motors are at full throttle, they have about the same RPM. Other days they are way off. Any clue as to why this is?