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Get the Xiaomi FIMI A3 from
Banggood with Coupon: BGFIMIA3
Or with 2 batteries - Banggood Coupon: 24HFIMIA32

or the better Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE 5KM 4K from Gearbest with Coupon: 24HFIMIX8

Banggood Promo FIMI A3 page -

This is the Xiaomi FIMI A3 video drone for a beginner with a GPS sensor. Easy put the propeller and you can take off. In the frond you have a very good full HD camera with 2 axis stabilisation. The replacable LiPo battery get 20 minutes flight time . If you have only max. $230 for a video drone the a can recommend the Xiaomi FEMI A3.

1 - good flight time 20min
2 - very good HD video quality
3 - smooth video moving
4- low cost drone
5- included remote control with live video
6- you can use a FPV goggles to fly with FIMI A3

1- video with analog transmission
2- a mobile phone get better display as a LCD
3 - only 2 axis stabilization
4- not foldable

Xiaomi FIMI A3 beste Einsteiger Video Drohne (4 min 19 sec)

TOBYRICH TR1 EV800D FPV goggles for the FIMI A3
Banggood Coupon: BGTO42

...Continue Reading
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I forgot to switch on the DVR for flight #2, but here's pack #3 from the same evening:

FPV progress - flight #3 (4 min 17 sec)

Even if I've only flown 3 packs now, I begin to understand why people want a lot of speed.

The power loop at 1:34 seems to be the first remotely decent one because the quad actually flies backwards at the end of the "power stage". I lost my buzzer along the way (there's only a plug left. I should get a battery backed one right now and epoxy it to the frame. Landing close to myself was easier than anticipated. A bit rough maybe, but nothing broke and the battery was still plugged in.
Posted by crteensy | Aug 14, 2019 @ 04:52 PM | 421 Views
Here's a video of my very first flight with an FPV quadcopter. I had about 3 hours of LOS stick time before that, and about 2 hours in the FPV Freerider simulator (which felt kinda awkward compared to the real deal, but that's surely just a matter of settings!).

My very first FPV quadcopter flight (2 min 20 sec)

That last move was just too low for the remaining altitude, and the battery ejected.

Overall FPV seems to be *a lot* simpler to learn than LOS, but with a few quirks:
  • it's harder to estimate the altitude
  • it's harder to estimate speed
  • you need a reliable quad that you trust
  • get a battery-backed buzzer

Posted by Bill M - RC | Aug 14, 2019 @ 04:17 PM | 358 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Emax BabyHawk R PRO 4 review. This Emax BabyHawk R PRO 4 Mini Magnum III F4 4 Inch 3-6S FPV Racing Drone review includes unboxing, inspection, binding, betaflight settings, osd menu and flight test. Flight action starts at 23:05 .

You can get this Emax BabyHawk R PRO 4 Mini Magnum III F4 4 Inch 3-6S FPV Racing Drone BNF here:

Emax BabyHawk R PRO 4 Mini Magnum III F4 4 Inch 3 6S FPV Racing Drone review (32 min 36 sec)

Posted by JohnVH | Aug 14, 2019 @ 04:11 PM | 390 Views
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In a previous posts, I highlighted the damage and resultant repair to my trusty old Wanderer 99 sailplane. Due to a mishap on the flying field, the Wanderer as it came in for a landing, ended up sliding right into the only vertical item on the field….namely the wind indicator pole! Back at the shop, I managed to remove the damaged section and patch it with white Monocote.

The Wanderer 99, although it is an old 80’s design & build, is still my favourite thermal seeker. It flies nice and slow, which allows it to stay in the rising columns of warm air.

At our last Sunday line launch contest I was having a great time with the old plane! Finding some decent lift whilst avoiding landing anywhere near the landing tape. : ) On my third landing, a wingtip caught the grass and the whole plane pirouetted around until the wind flipped it over! Dang that definitely didn’t earn me any points! I ran over and checked it out…no damage! Okay, I got lucky that time!

I picked up the hi-start line and hooked it to the plane then walked back to the flight line and let’er rip! As usual, it took off nice and straight at a steep angle until it came off the line around 250’….a sight I never get tired of watching! Everything was normal until it started a series of stalls and each time the strengthening south west wind kept taking it further north across the field. Eventually it flew right over the road (yikes!) and into the field of white beans across from us! I just couldn’t bring...Continue Reading
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Looking back at the 2019 MidSouth ALES and F5J competitions and comparing them to the same contests at the 2019 Soaring NATS, it occurred to me that there was an unexpected benefit in the way it was done at the MidSouth, which was to interleave rounds in the two events and allow participation in one or the other but not both. At the Soaring NATS, ALES was held on Saturday and Sunday while F5J was held on the following Monday and Tuesday, allowing fliers to enter both contests.

At the MidSouth there were 17 in ALES and 15 in F5J, which was almost an even split. As I see it, the serious competitors who prefer strict rules, practice hard and often, and strive to master complex strategies, were separated from the less serious who were there mostly to enjoy soaring and socializing with those who share their hobby. In other words, the MidSouth one-contest-or-the-other structure separated the FAI crowd from the AMA crowd and, I suspect, made the event more appealing and enjoyable for everyone.

I'd like to see this format catch on, at least in major events, and perhaps it could even be extended to Thermal Duration vs. F3J.
Posted by UpNup | Aug 14, 2019 @ 12:09 PM | 317 Views
It was great to begin the fuselage for the P-51B. It’s taking some thinking though.

After completing the wings, I hit a snag. There is a box-type structure the wings fit into, so the question was deciding when to build it. I was given counsel on a FB site to build the fuselage and adapt the box to an exacting fit.

This build has no plans. It’s like figuring out a jigsaw puzzle with the picture turned over.

I built the sides first, then the crossbars. I decided to work on the internal platforms next, beginning with the cockpit. Then I focused on the tailwheel.

I robbed the .46 Rimfire motor, mounting bracket, and 70 ESC out of my Long EZ. I’ll need to buy a 6 ch sport receiver....Continue Reading
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Sonicmodell Binary. Новая платформа для аэрофотосъемки. Banggood (15 min 7 sec)

+ Great quality
+ Stylized as a Sea rescue aircraft
+ Twin engine
+ Multipurpose (FPV, aerial photography)
+ Fully collapsible for transportation and storage

- Two servo extension cords are missing for connection (in the minimum assembly kit)
- During transportation, the wing consoles were damaged.

Link: Sonicmodell Binary
Posted by Xemulxe | Aug 14, 2019 @ 11:48 AM | 267 Views
I thought I was doing a boat for fishing and underwater video. But my cat decided she had a new yacht. Now the boat has a captain cat - Vasilisa

Watching the fishes from the deck of the boat turned out to be convenient and exciting. Even too exciting, I had to reassure her so that I would not jump into the water. At least before I shoot the video

Captain cat on rc boat (0 min 48 sec)

Posted by BAF23 | Aug 14, 2019 @ 10:23 AM | 439 Views
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Schemp-Hirth Gouvier gliders

Black and white picture of the real 1953 Sabena gouvier in flight

During the thirties, soaring became popular but the basic period single-seaters only allowed slow student progress by short hops along slopes. Some two-seaters were developed but in 1937 the first flight of a side-by-side two-seater (developed from the Gö3 Minimoa) opened up a new way of introducing more people to soaring, and offering a better way of teaching. The Göppingen 4 (abbreviated by many to Govier/Goevier/Gouvier but with different pronunciation in German, Dutch and French) had flight characteristics similar to the popular Grunau Baby but at 92cm width, the seating felt rather cramped. Space had been maximized by the wing to fuselage blending root-shape to accommodate shoulder and elbows. That part could be ordered in resin impregnated jute (sackcloth), the very first use of ‘plastic’ parts in gliders. The Gö4 was very successful and used by the Germans to train candidates before they joined the Luftwaffe. After the war the factory developed and built the shorter aft-fuselage version Gö4-3 that didn’t need as much balance weights when flown solo. Of the more than hundred Gö4’s built, as of 2015, only 3 remained airworthy in Germany and 2 in the Netherlands.

In 1952 Belgium’s national soaring centre acquired Werk-nr 415, one of the 21 factory produced Gö4-3 and flew it unregistered till 1954. It then was registered OO-SZC by Sabena...Continue Reading
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Hey guys! Check this 16x16 FD413 stack out. Is it worth to buy?
Posted by Zygy22 | Aug 14, 2019 @ 07:45 AM | 225 Views
I have a Graupner Tina in an original box. It is still in kit form and good condition. The box is damaged but the model parts , motor , and parts are in original new condition. Who would be interested in buying this. Am in Australia though so postage could be an issue.
Posted by wayne65 | Aug 14, 2019 @ 06:54 AM | 254 Views
This is my Yellow F-14. The test flight was 2018 at Jets Over KY.
Twin 120mm EDF's on 12 cell, four 6 cells total
36 lbs
here is a video link:
Best Electric Scale Jet at JOK 2018. (2 min 34 sec)