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Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 22, 2017 @ 04:46 AM | 10,806 Views
22 feb 2017
the learning curve
there are no failures: when something does not work, you learn that. it is not that you failed. it is 1 thing that does not work. thats all. you are learning! now that you learned it doesnt, try again in a different way. until it works.
in other words: life is a series of attempts to get something. until you do (read comments).
Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 17, 2017 @ 08:51 AM | 11,848 Views
what is the ideal connector for receivers, and another for batteries/motors/esc ?
i started a discussion on this subject. here is the thread:
and if any1 wants to cooperate with ideas, or just follow what is happening, you are welcome here.
i am asking everybody to bring your ideas of the ideal connector for receivers, and another for batteries/esc/motor.
perhaps this way we may find something better, and this may influence an adventurous manufacturer to make them.

my idea is based on something like this:

1.-for small 1s that fit into receivers:
these have positive contact through a large area, and fit tight-you have to push or pull hard to get them in.
(please notice that am not proposing to use the small deans for receivers, am just showing them to see how are they designed)

2.-for larger that fit into motors, esc, and batteries, some1 like these:
(again, although these are as close as i can think to ideal, perhaps some1 may come with an even better idea
like having a grip like these: )

april 3 2017>>>by the way, after trying as many ideas as i could, regarding the problem of releasing and installing the deans, (or any type) i have come with the most practical solution: it is using 2 sets of locking pliers...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 16, 2017 @ 11:54 AM | 10,722 Views
comparisons and points of view
as i have been under the weather for quite some time, i have been trying to stay in good mood no matter what, as it helps (sometimes a lot).
for all that i have learned, it is crucial the way you see a situation in perspective.
i want to bring 2 examples: 1 fellow that has been beaten up gets into a place where is greeted by another and asks him "how are you today?" and he says "i have seen better days'". this way he is not complaining about how bad he is now.
another in similar situation answered: "am doing the best i can". again, does not tell how bad he feels, and with a positive mind.
but when no matter what, things are still deep under, then could be seen like in this example:
a child that is slowly recovering from a painful situation is still feeling bad, and is asked if he is feeling better and he answers: "no am not; am less worse"
so there you are. it all depends of the perspective.
Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 14, 2017 @ 07:08 AM | 10,574 Views
this is the 2nd plane am talking about. for the previous, see at same blog

finished the balsa fuselage version of Maverick. it weighs 65 grams more, but has more room for the components. with the original, that uses a foam fuselage of the dynamic hotliner, it is so tight that i have to press on to fit. i was not expecting it to be heavier, and this is another reason to use composites if chosen wisely.
also built a new wing that is covered with a stronger covering in order to make it stiffer. with the original wing, as the motor is so powerful, if i go beyond 50% throttle sometimes the wing flutters. and the gain in weight was only 15 grams.

>>>as seen at my blog when i released it:

Maverick 2: >>>nov 11, 2013: just finished replacement fuselage made of balsa to have more room, as the foam 1 is very tight for the pack, esc, and quanum. to my surprise, it weighs 75 grams more, so this places it in another category. the plane will fly faster, and will handle wind better, but will be a different plane. so i ordered another foam fuselage, as the original is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, especially after several crashes due to radio failure (false contacts in individual cells in the DX6i). once the weather improved i was able to fly it and learned that handles more wind as it is heavier, but not much difference after all. both give me a great performance-perhaps the best of all my sailplanes<<<
Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 11, 2017 @ 03:13 PM | 11,150 Views
now that i have all my planes ready until the weather-and my health-(will have surgery so have to wait until fully recovered) let me fly them, the time i have will use for things like providing details on my 2 meters sailplanes, which is what am doing, and expect to keep doing.
all started with the idea of using a nice foam or glass fuselage and designing a wing and tail for it.
1.-i found the foam Dynamic from hobby king, that fitted the dimensions and was available. it is for a wing on top, and came with the wiring for servos at the tail, which was 1 of the things i was thinking of. it was for v tail, so i modded it for t tail, which is the 1 i like best.
i named it Maverick. 2 meters built-up polyhedral wing, spars over/under; solid balsa flat stab. 35 mm diameter motor, 3 cells 1300mah, folding prop.
(more details down here). as it flew to my expectations, i ended up getting another, and made it with a lower t tail, otherwise the same.
with an already made fuselage i got a lighter and stronger plane. am pleased with the performance, and am able to thermal and stay there for a long time, weather permiting-even in near freezing temps. see pics here:
here are details from my blog.
Maverick started with the availability at the time, of the fuselage/canopy/prop/spinner of the Dynamic-s, a hotliner with v-tail
i used the prop/spinner that come with it, and found a motor that looks...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 02, 2017 @ 10:46 AM | 10,042 Views
last winter (15/16) made us think that conditions were heading down the drain. and it happened all over the world. but if we check this data we may consider that things will be better-or not as bad-as it begins to show. but you never know. still, i think that there is relief.
the so-called 'el nino' was the reason it was so bad, and the good thing is that it does not happen every year like that after all...
so, get your planes ready.