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Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 06, 2016 @ 07:21 AM | 8,831 Views
once there was a boy sitting with his grampa at the porch when a dog happened to pass by. the other dogs at their homes barked at it when he passed by, but he didn't bark back, neither stopped to fight with them. just kept going...
them his grampa told him: that is a wise dog.
and the boy asked why?
he said: if he had stopped to bark back and fight, he wouldn't ever reach as far as he was intended for, or even reach anywhere.
never waste time barking at the other dogs. you will not be able to reach your goals. there will always be dogs barking at you, trying to stop you for an unproductive fight.
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 01, 2016 @ 03:45 AM | 8,917 Views
recently when i went to my son, he showed me a new game to play with his daughter. it is called apples to apples. they post a card with a subject and give you 5 cards that have different subjects, and you have to make as many as possible to match as close or as different as you can with the 1 on the table. no matter how silly the excuse you have.
i couldn't play it. i found it as stupid as it could be.
i have spent my whole life doing what it takes to make sense to all that i do and think, to be logical, and with matters of science, to use data to reach conclusions. but i also realize that people play apples to apples everywhere. and sometimes even here at the forums, i find some that play that too, and am unable to communicate for that reason.
luckily there are few.